Make the Grade, Save your Aid!

What every CCBC student needs to know.

As a CCBC student, you need to understand the importance of meeting financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards. These standards include Grade Point Average (GPA) and course completion. Federal regulations require students to maintain SAP standards to be eligible for Pell Grant, work study, state grants and loans.

Don’t put your financial aid in jeopardy! Know what GPA you need to achieve and how many courses you need to pass to save your aid.

How many courses do I need to pass?
All of them! However, you must complete at least 67 percent of total attempted coursework. This means earning a passing grade (A-D) in credit courses as well as achieving a passing grade (A,B,C or S) in Developmental Education courses.

What if I withdraw, audit or receive an incomplete?
If you withdraw, audit or take an incomplete in any course, your SAP will be affected. Visit the Enrollment Services Center where a staff member will advise you how a withdrawal or incomplete course will impact your financial aid. You cannot receive financial aid for an audited course.

What GPA do I need to maintain?
It depends on the number of CCBC credits or billable hours you attempt.

If I attempt:
(credits/billable hours)
I must maintain a GPA of at least:
1-18 1.50
19-31 1.75
32-44 1.85
45 or more 2.00

What happens when my aid is suspended?
When your financial aid is suspended, you are responsible for payment of your tuition, fees and books until you meet the required SAP standards.

Can I appeal if my financial aid is suspended?
You may only appeal if you had extenuating circumstances that can be documented.

Have questions or not sure about your financial aid status?

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