Learning Communities


Frequently Asked Questions about Learning Communities

  1. What is a Learning Community?

    A Learning Community is an approach to the learning process that assumes that students are one of the best learning resources for one another! In a learning community, two or more classes are “paired,” and a group of students enrolls in both of the paired courses. Because students are taking the same classes together, strong bonds form as they study together, support each other, and learn from one another. Likewise, faculty work together integrating course materials in order to emphasize the connections between the subject areas. The collaboration the connection among and between faculty and students creates a “community of learners” that enhances each member’s experience while members of the community gain a cross-curricular view of subjects.

  2. What are the advantages of a Learning Community?

    There are many advantages. In Learning Communities, students have greater access to instructors, and they often get to know them much better. Also, because a group of students take two classes together, stronger bonds form between students. Resources can be shared more readily, study groups can be formed, and friendships can blossom. One of the main advantages of Learning Communities is the way the two courses are “blended” by the faculty. This blending often allows for the student to use one course to work on the goals of the other, saving time and increasing learning.

  3. Why would - students want to be part of a learning community?
  • They find the experience more satisfying
  • They are more likely to be successful in the courses within the community
  • They are more likely to finish these courses and continue at the institution
  • They learn leadership skills by working collaboratively
  • They feel empowered by being part of decision-making
  • They satisfy both their social and academic goals

  1. Who is eligible to join a Learning Community?

    Learning Communities are available for any students who have met the course pre-requisites and who are interested in learning in a collaborative environment.

  2. What types of Learning Communities are available at CCBC?

    There are different Learning Communities available at CCBC that include Developmental Learning Communities, Paired Learning Communities, Honors Learning Communities, Clusters, and English as a Second Language Learning Communities.

  3. How do I register for a Learning Community?

    Please select from the classes listed in the table for the campus you are interested in attending. Remember, you must register for BOTH classes.


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