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CCBC Writing Centers’ Mission Statement

Our Writing Centers’ mission is to help all CCBC students to become better critical thinkers and more skilled writers so that they become more confident in their writing and in the critique of the writing of others. Students may seek free help for any course they are taking at the College and at any point in their writing process. While working collaboratively with, and receiving personalized instruction from, English faculty, students will learn that writing is a life-long process and is a helpful skill in all facets of life. Our Writing Centers seek to create a warm and welcoming environment while maintaining academic integrity by having students revise and edit their own work. Overall, we are committed to maintaining the College’s Mission and to helping students become better thinkers, better writers, and thus better people.

Writing Center Appointment Information

  • Each tutoring session lasts 30 minutes.
  • Writing assigned in all disciplines (not just English classes) may be reviewed.
  • You may schedule ONE appointment a day and TWO per week.
  • Appointments are strongly preferred.




Owings Mills

Room 121

College Community Center
Room 123

Arts and Humanities Hall
Room 338

Room 300





Hours of Operation: Hours of operation vary by semester and campus. Check with the Writing Center on your campus for more information and to schedule an appointment.
Online Writing Lab: In addition to the main Writing Centers on each campus, the Online Writing Lab ( is available for all students to use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What should students expect from a tutoring session?

English Department faculty can help you:

    • come up with ideas to talk about in your assignment
    • organize your thoughts
    • edit your material
    • format your document
    • cite any sources that you have used (using any documentation style)
    • understand comments that your professor has made on a paper or draft
    • learn how to proofread your own work

2. What should students not expect from a tutoring session?

English Department faculty will not help you:

    • write any portions of your essays
    • proofread your written work
    • comment on grades or predict future grades

3. What should students bring to a tutoring session?

Please bring:

    • a copy of your assignment sheet
    • copies of any handouts from your professor regarding his/her expectations for the class or assignment
    • your class textbook
    • a draft of the assignment (if you have started it already)
    • any other similar assignments that your professor has commented on
    • a pen
    • some paper

The Writing Center Process:

Step 1: Making an Appointment - Each campus Writing Center has a different protocol, but it is always advisable to make an appointment. The phone numbers and locations of the campus Writing Centers are listed above. Keep in mind that the Online Writing Lab is also an option. No matter where you get help, make sure to plan ahead - we get very busy!

Step 2: Attending Your Appointment - First of all, make sure that you are on time! During your half an hour session, you will work with a CCBC faculty member on whatever aspect of your assignment you feel needs help. Therefore, you should come to your appointment with the list provided above.

Step 3: Following Through with What You Have Learned - A Writing Consultant's job is not to "fix" your paper; his/her job is to give you tools to make your paper - and future writing - better. For this reason, it is really important that you make the changes you and your Consultant have discussed and that you continue to apply what you have learned. Many students find that attending the Writing Center multiple times throughout the semester really helps their writing, and we definitely encourage this. Again, our job is to make you a better writer. And since we are a free service to CCBC students, why wouldn't you come to the Writing Center all the time?!

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