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Kids on campus
Youth of all ages explore, discover and grow at CCBC

If you think you can’t start college until you’re 17 or 18, think again. At CCBC, the learning and fun can begin right after the stork delivers.

That’s right! There’s even a class for newborns and toddlers. Each semester, local moms and dads enroll with their babies in CCBC’s popular Music Makers and Shakers class. Together these tots and their caregivers explore music – pitch, rhythm and kinetic awareness – in a way that helps create brain connections for future listening, language and spatial skills.

CCBC Creative Arts Center Kids of all ages blossom in CCBC's Creative Arts Center classes.

And that’s just the beginning. Through the college’s Creative Arts Center, now in its 30th year, CCBC continues to provide personal enrichment classes in the arts and humanities for students of all ages.

A group of talented instructors provides young aspiring artists and performers with hands-on experiences to experiment and grow. Japanese Anime and Manga, Teen Clay, Child’s Piano and Kids with Taps are among the many classes offered this fall.

With the growing popularity of the Food Network and shows like the Iron Chef, CCBC has also added cooking classes to inspire junior chefs. Looking for a way to connect with your teen? You‘re guaranteed quality time in the kitchen when you enroll in a Parent and Child Cooking Together class.

Whether they come to cook or to create, kids on campus at CCBC exercise their brains, bodies and spirits. Science masterminds and techies explore their interests with Computer Animation, Forensic Detective and more.

Home-schooled children enhance their curricula with CCBC language, science and math classes. College-bound students benefit from CCBC’s SAT prep work. And kids of all ages adopt healthy new outlets for dealing with the pressures of today’s world through yoga, karate, tai chi, reflexology and other martial arts.

Ahead of their class!
Local kids get jump start on college

When fall classes begin Aug. 25, nearly 3,000 local middle school and high school students will add to the excitement and activity across CCBC’s campuses and extension centers.

Some 700 high school juniors and seniors will be taking CCBC classes during their regular school day, many accumulating a semester or more of college credits before they graduate. It’s all part of CCBC’s popular Parallel Enrollment Program – PEP for short – that gives local students a chance to start college early. Students who live in Baltimore County can take CCBC classes for half the regular in-county tuition.

“It’s going to help with the transition from high school to college and it saves us money,” says Cathy Ermer, mother of CCBC PEP student Brittany Ermer, who graduated this year from Sparrows Point High School with 24 CCBC credits.

An easy transition to college is also what CCBC’s Gateway Partnership with Baltimore County Public Schools hopes to inspire. For the second year, CCBC will welcome eighth graders from nine select middle schools onto campus each Wednesday to learn more about how college can fulfill their educational and career aspirations. More than 2,000 middle schoolers will take in college life up close during these daylong visits to CCBC.

Brittany and Cathy Ermer Brittany Ermer (right) and her mother, Cathy, are excited about the 24 college credits Brittany earned while a PEP student at CCBC.

CCBC extends the exploration and discovery well beyond the classroom. Once a month, the Benjamin Banneker Planetarium at CCBC Catonsville opens to the public with a Saturday morning themed, celestial show. It’s entertaining and educational for stargazers of all ages.

The CCBC Dundalk campus observatory hosts dazzling star parties throughout the year. Aspiring astronomers can bring their own telescopes or make use of the facility’s equipment, which includes a Meade 16-inch LX2000 Schmidt-Cassegrain reflecting telescope, to get a close-up view of far-away planets and stars.

The possibilities for learning are as endless as the night sky.

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