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To find the description and objectives of your course, you need to:

  1. Identify your area of study. Click on the 3-letter Course Subject Code (such as, VOA, DAP, AHE, etc.) that identifies the course you which to review. This will take you to a list of all courses with that same 3-letter code.

  2. Once there, you can find your course by scrolling down the listing of the 3-digit course number that identifies your course. Courses are listed in numerical sequence.

  3. Some course information may not be available at this site at this time. For information on those courses, you may call
    443-830-4415 or email us at

Access - Classes for Physically Challenged - CHA, PFH, PWE, REG, WOS
Accounting, Personal/Small Business Finance, Quickbooks - ACC, FIC,
Administrative Assistant - VOA, SEC, VOC, VOD
Air Conditioning / Heating/Cooling - VOA, VOC, VOD
Apprenticeship - APP
Art/Culture/Theater - ARB, ART, DRB, PWL
Automotive - ARP
Aviation - AVI
Basic Education - ADS, DEV, WOS, WPL
Boat Piloting/Licensing - VOA, VOC
Catering - CKG
CDL - Commercial Driver's License - VOA, VOC
Child Care - CCT, CHI
Coast Guard - VOA, VOC, VOD
Communication - HMS, WOS, WRT
Computer/Data Comm - DAP, DCO, TEC
Computer/Information Technology - PCA, PCO, PCP
Construction - CON, VOA, VOC, VOD
Cooking - CKG
Cooling/Heating - VOA, VOD
CPR/Red Cross Cert. - CPR, CPS
Customer Service - WOS
Disabilities - CHA, PFH, PWE, REG
Education/Teacher's Education - CEC, CET, EDU,
Electricity (Vocational) - VOA, VOC, VOD
Engineering/Architecture/Revit/CAD/CAM - ENR, TEC, VOA, VOC, VOD
Environmental (Professional Education) - ENV
Finance/Personal Finance - FIC
Fitness - FIT, FIW
Floristry - FLO
Food Service Preparation - CKG, HSL,
Foreign Language - FLG
Gifted & Talented - GTL
Green Manufacturing - VOA, VOC, VOD
Health/Mental Health - AHC, AHE, AHL, CCT, CHI, CPR, CPS, NUR, PDV, PHE, PHS, PSY, VES, VOB, VOD
Heating/Cooling - VOA, VOD
History - HIS, HIT, HST
Horticulture - HOR, HOU,
Hospitality/Food Service - HSL
Individuals with Disabilities - CHA, PFH, PWE, REG
Insurance - INS
Job Skills Improvement - PDE, PDV,
Labor Relations/Regulations/Issues - LBR, LRE
Languages - FLG
Law/Legal - LAW, LWW,
Lifeguard Training - FIT
Literature - WLT, PWL, WRI, WRT
Management/Communication/HR - COU, HMS, MAN, MGT
Manufacturing - MTP, VOA, VOC, VOD
Marketing - MAR
Music - MSC, MUS,
Non-Profit - PDV
Nursing - NUR
Nutrition - PDV
Office Skills - OFS, SEC,
Personal Development/Personal Improvement, - PDE, PDV
Philosophy - PHI
Political Science - POS, PSC,
Pool Operators - MAN
Project Management - VOB, VOA, VOC, VOD
Quality Control - QCT
Real Estate/RE Investing - REA, RES
Regulatory Training/OSHA, Driver's Regs - REG, RTR,
Retirement Planning - MAN
Safety/Security - SAS, SSP,
Science - SCI
Secretarial - SEC, VOA, VOC, VOD
Senior - Classes for Seniors - ARB, ART, DRB, PCA, PCO, PCP, HIS, PFA, WLT, PDV, PHI, FIT, FIW, POS, PSC, PSY, PWL, SOC
Sign Language - INT
Small Business - SBA, SMB,
Technology/Applied Technology/CAD/CAM/Revit - TEC
Theater - DRB
Trades - VOA, VOC, VOD
Veterinary Science - VES
Welding - VOA, VOC, VOD
Wellness - FIW, PSY, VOB, VOD
Workplace Skills - WOS, WPL
World Languages - FLG
Writing - WLT, PWL, WRI, WRT
Youth, Gifted & Talented - FIT, FLG, GTL, SCI

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