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What is the College 4 Free program?
College 4 Free is a new early college access program offered by the Community College of Baltimore County and Baltimore County Public Schools for BCPS juniors and seniors.

Who is eligible?
The program is open to BCPS juniors and seniors with cumulative unweighted GPAs of at least 2.50, who are certified as eligible by a BCPS professional school counselor or administrator.

Who absorbs the cost?
CCBC covers 50 percent of tuition for eligible Baltimore County high school students taking CCBC courses. BCPS will now cover the remaining 50 percent, enabling eligible students to enroll at CCBC TUITION-FREE.

Will students have to pay any fees?
Students will need to pay all CCBC-required fees and for their books and supplies. Students eligible for free and reduced-price meals will not have to pay any CCBC fees.

How many and what type of classes can be taken for free?
Students can choose from among CCBC’s credit-bearing courses within General Education or Career programs. They may enroll in up to a total of four classes TUITION-FREE (excluding fees, books and supplies). Those who wish to take more classes may do so as part of CCBC’s Parallel Enrollment Program (PEP) and only have to pay the fees, books and supplies and 50 percent of the tuition.

Will the College 4 Free Program be implemented this fall?
Yes, CCBC and BCPS recently signed the MOU to launch the program this fall. More than 400 BCPS students who are currently enrolled at CCBC may be eligible.

How do students apply?
Interested students should:
  • Talk with a BCPS professional school counselor to determine their eligibility.
  • Complete the CCBC Application of Admission
  • Submit the Dual Enrollment Certification Form to a BCPS professional school counselor for written approval.
  • Submit the Dual Enrollment Consent Form to the CCBC Admissions Office.
  • Meet with a CCBC academic advisor to discuss assessment and placement testing.
  • Register for credit-bearing courses.

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