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Many times when you have been asked to write an assignment for class, you end up working on it at odd hours, maybe in the middle of the night or early in the morning, right? What happens if you have a question or need help constructing a part of you assignment? You can always submit to OWL, and in 3-4 days, you'll get some feedback. In the mean time, you might want to get some information on your own. Check out these helpful resources:

  • Finding and Documenting Sources- Click here if you are conducting research and need help with your sources
  • Dictionary and Thesaurus- Click here if you have used the wrong word, or if you are not sure the meaning of a word that you would like to use
  • MLA Citation- Click here for examples of how to cite your sources within your essay and on a Works Cited Sheet
  • WWW.Easybib.com - Click here to create a correct Works Cited Page (You will need to have your sources with you)
  • Big Dog Grammar- Click here for general information about grammar
  • Bartleby.com- Click here for quotes and famous sayings from all kinds of famous people

Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words. Below are links to videos that might help you with common grammar challenges:

  • School House Rock- Click this link to view classic clips from the 1970's TV series Grammar Rocks. When the window opens, scroll down to Grammar Rocks, and choose the topic that interests you. Then, click on "Watch this video on YOUTUBE!"
  • Using Punctuation Correctly- Click this link to review use of quotation marks
  • HowStuffWorks.com- This is a great resource to find video answers to many of your questions about writing. Type a topic into the search box for a list of available videos
  • CCBC Library/Proquest- Our college library has a lot of wonderful resources!

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