Public Safety


Department of Public Safety 

Essex Public Safety Information

Assistant Director of Public Safety Essex Campus

D'Artagnan E. Spencer


7201 Rossville Boulevard
Baltimore, MD 21237
Student Services Center 003
Tel: 443-840-1111
Office: 443-840-2533
Fax: 443-840-1373

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Important On-Campus Telephone Numbers

  • Campus Public Safety Office (A-110): 443-840-1111
  • Baltimore County Police Emergency: 911
  • Baltimore County Fire Emergency: 911
  • Judicial Affairs Office: 443-840-2108
  • Campus Director's Office: 443-840-1013
Emergency Call Boxes

Directions are also printed on the callbox. They are identified by their bright orange color or red/white and blue light. Instructions
  1. Push the button to call for assistance.
  2. When answered by a Public Safety Officer, Push the button again to talk, release the button to hear.
  3. If the button is held in, and no conversation takes place, the radio will stop transmitting, and the call box will make noise.
  4. Push the button again to talk.
  5. Only the callbox being used, and the Public Safety Officer will hear the conversation.

Emergency Call Box Locations
Call boxes are located on each parking lot.

  • Alpha Bay & Division Lane
  • Theta Bay & Division Lane
  • Lot 2 near the "D" building
  • Lot 2 near the "E" building
  • Lot 4 Lot 6 / by the Health Careers & Technology Building
  • Lot 7 by the Childern's Learning Center

Internal Call Boxes
Internal Call boxes are located in the following locations:
  • Wellness & Athletics Center by the Handicap elevator
  • College Community Center, stairwell by cafeteria

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