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Revised August 2012

Welcome to the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC). At CCBC, we recognize that the safety and security of the college community is fundamental to everything we do. Because illegally parked or irresponsibly operated vehicles pose a threat to public safety, CCBC has established parking and traffic regulations. These regulations apply to all who operate vehicles on any part of CCBC’s campuses or extension centers. It is the responsibility of every member of the college community to become familiar with and adhere to these regulations. The Department of Public Safety has been charged with the enforcement of Parking and Traffic Regulations.

A. To protect pedestrians.
B. To assure access at all times for ambulance, firefighting apparatus and other emergency response vehicles.
C. To assure an orderly flow of traffic and the safety of vehicular traffic
D. To assure orderly parking.

A. All parking lots are clearly marked with signs indicating any restrictions and hours that may apply. Regulations apply 24 hours each day, unless, and only if, signs indicate open parking after a certain time.
B. All striping of parking spaces are color-coded to assist in the identification of the type of parking permitted:
Red spaces: Employees
White spaces Students and visitors
Blue spaces Handicapped (with MVA-issued permit)
Green spaces College service vehicles
Yellow spaces No parking zones
Fuel Efficient/Low Emission Spaces (GreenCar designation): CCBC Catonsville ONLY -White spaces, Lot 8 . Applicants must contact Public Safety for an additional permit.

A. All motor vehicles, including motorcycles and scooters, operated on CCBC property, must be registered for the current year with the Department of Public Safety.
B. Vehicle registration numbers and all requested information must be provided.
C. Vehicles that are not registered with Public Safety may be identified through the MVA and cited with the appropriate charge.
D. Employee parking permits are available from the Department of Public Safety on each of the main campuses.
a. Employees must provide an acceptable form of CCBC identification (Faculty/Staff I.D., Work Contract, or Paycheck from CCBC) and a vehicle registration card to obtain a permit.
b. There is a limit of two parking permits for members of full-time Faculty and Staff.
c. Part-time/adjunct faculty members and temp hourly employees will be issued a temporary parking permit that is renewable each year.
E. Students may register vehicles online in “Simon” at the time of registration, or by going to the campus Public Safety office. In order to obtain a parking permit in person, students must present a current CCBC student I.D. card or student registration form containing their CCBC I.D. number, a valid driver’s license and a vehicle registration card.
F. For operators of a fuel-efficient, low emission vehicle, limited spaces are available on parking lot 8 at CCBC Catonsville. Employees and students must obtain a GreenCar permit from the Public Safety office to park in these spaces. To determine if your vehicle is eligible for a GreenCar permit, please visit . A vehicle registration card for the qualifying vehicle must be produced to obtain a GreenCar permit. A GreenCar permit is issued in addition to a regular CCBC permit.
G. A current CCBC Parking permit must be properly displayed at all times.
•Employees should place the “hang tag” on their rear view mirror with the numbers facing the front of the vehicle.
•Students should place the permit (static-cling) in the inside rear window, driver’s side, facing the rear of the vehicle.
H. The person who registers a motor vehicle with CCBC or the registered owner (MVA) is responsible for all violations involving that vehicle.
I. Securing or using parking permits through misrepresentation or fraud will result in the loss of parking privileges.
J. Temporary parking permits for visitors, vendors or special occasions are available either in person at the campus Public Safety office or online at .
K. Parking in handicapped spaces (blue spaces) requires a handicapped license plate or special permit issued by the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). Handicapped violations are enforced by the Baltimore County Police Department.

A. Parking and traffic regulations, including CCBC regulations, must be obeyed at all times by anyone driving or parking at CCBC.
B. Accidents or incidents involving a vehicle on a CCBC campus can be reported to the Department of Public Safety at 443-840-1111. The College assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to private property.
C. All CCBC parking and traffic regulations apply to the registrant of a vehicle as well as to any individual (spouse, relative, or friend) who operates the registered vehicle on campus. The vehicle owner and/or registrant will be held responsible for any violation and/or damage caused on campus grounds by the vehicle, regardless of who was operating the vehicle.
D. The responsibility for finding a legal parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator. Lack of available space is not considered a valid reason for a violation of regulations.
E. In parking areas that have marked spaces and lanes, a vehicle must be parked in only one space, leaving clear access to adjacent spaces, without blocking driving lanes or creating a hazard for other drivers.
F. Motorcycles and scooters may park only in the areas assigned for such vehicles or in the white spaces. Other vehicles may not use areas reserved for motorcycle parking.
G. Every vehicle stopped or parked along a roadway shall be stopped or parked parallel to the curb or edge of the roadway, in the direction of authorized traffic movement and with the wheels within 12 inches of the curb or edge of the roadway.
H. Even if no signage is present, parking and/or driving is prohibited on all grass/tree plots, construction areas, or any place that will cause damage to the grounds, create a safety hazard, or interfere with the flow of traffic or the use of college facilities.
I. Overnight, on-campus parking of automobiles, trucks, trailers, or other vehicles or related vehicular devices is prohibited except as authorized by the Department of Public Safety. Overnight parking forms are available at the campus Public Safety office. The form must be filled out and turned in to the Public Safety office before the operator of the vehicle leaves it on campus.
J. Any motor vehicle parked in violation of CCBC parking and traffic regulations or abandoned on campus is subject to fines, immobilizing (booting), and/or towing.
K. The fact that an operator parks a vehicle in violation of any regulation and does not receive a citation does not mean that the applicable regulation is no longer in effect.
L. All state and local laws governing movement, operation, and parking of vehicles shall apply on college property.
M. Pedestrians in a designated crosswalk shall have the right of way at all times. All vehicular traffic must stop to allow these pedestrians to cross safely.
N. A vehicle shall not enter any area on the college campus that has been closed off by the use of barricades or other traffic devices.
O. No U-turns are permitted on college roadways.

A. Violators of campus traffic and parking regulations will be subject to fines. Chargeable violations include the following:
• Displaying an Expired/Invalid Permit
• Displaying no Permit
• Parking in a No Parking Area
• Failing to Obey a Traffic Control Device
• Parking in a Reserved Space/Area
• Parking in a Motorcycle Space
• Blocking Fire Lane/Hydrant
• Obstructing Traffic
• Other _______________

B. All citations issued by CCBC Public Safety include a fine of $35. However, at times, a Parking or Policy Violation notice may be issued as a Warning notice, with no penalty attached.
C. Parking violations and fines are clearly marked on each summons. For citation issued after August 26, 2012, the $35.00 increases to $50 if not piad within 30 days or appealed within 10 days of the actual violation. Citations received prior to August 27, 2012 are doubled if not paid within 30 days and tripled if not paid within 60 days of issuance.
D. All fines are payable to the cashier at the Bursar’s Office.
E. The Baltimore County Police and Parking Authority also issue citations on CCBC campuses. Fines for such violations are set by the State of Maryland.
F. Disorderly or other inappropriate behavior directed towards Department of Public Safety personnel will result in referral of students to Judicial Affairs for Code of Conduct sanctions (found in the Student Handbook) and of employees to their supervisor for discipline. In addition, criminal charges will be brought when necessary. Repeat offenders are subject to more stringent sanctions, which may include loss of all parking privileges.
G. Unpaid fines will be treated as follows:
• Students will not be permitted to register, receive final grades/transcripts, or graduate until the fines are paid in full.
• Employees will be reported to their appropriate supervisor to ensure that they meet their obligation.

A. Visitors to the College who are attending a one-day function or event (such as a seminar, health fair, or graduation) who receive a CCBC parking citation may request that the citation be waived by completing the information requested on the back of the citation and mailing the request to the appropriate campus Assistant Director, Public Safety within 10 calendar days of issuance. The decision to waive the fine rests with the Assistant Director.

B. Waiver requests should be mailed to:
a. CCBC Catonsville: Public Safety, 800 S. Rolling Rd, Baltimore MD 21228-5317
b. CCBC Dundalk: Public Safety, 7200 Sollers Point Rd, Baltimore, MD 21222-4649
c. CCBC Essex: Public Safety, 7201 Rossville Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21237-3899

A. A member of the campus community wishing to appeal a parking or a traffic violation may obtain information on the appeals procedure from the campus Department of Public Safety office or online at . No appeal will be accepted unless filed within ten (10) calendar days after the violation. The Appeal Board will address all appeals, and the resultant decision will be recorded on the bottom of the appeal form and returned to the appellant. This process may take up to six weeks, but the fine will not accrue during this period. The Appeal Board consists of representatives from a combination of students, faculty, and staff, excluding all Public Safety personnel.

B. Once a citation has been paid, an appeal cannot be accepted or processed. Should anyone pay a parking fine after an appeal has been received, the payment will stop the appeals process.

C. All Appeal Board decisions are final.

Campus Public Safety Offices

800 South Rolling Road
Baltimore, MD 21228
Building / Room: College Services Center (Formerly W)
Room 229
Tel: 443-840-2534
Fax: 443-840-4006

7200 Sollers Point Road
Baltimore, MD 21222
Building / Room: College Community Center (Formerly L)
Room 145
Tel: 443-840-2535
Fax: 443-840-3109

7201 Rossville Boulevard
Baltimore, MD 21237
Building / Room: Student Services Center (Formerly A)
Room 110
Tel: 443-840-2533
Fax: 443-840-1373


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