Public Safety


Department of Public Safety

Reporting A Crime

Main Phone Number: 443-840-1111

All crimes and other emergencies must be reported directly to the Department of Public Safety by calling 443-840-1111. Any crime victim is also encouraged to report the incident to the Baltimore County Police department. A crime or incident can also be reported to any college administrator or faculty member. The Department of Public Safety will investigate and report to the appropriate authority all crimes in accordance with college policy. If you know of a crime or unsafe condition that has occurred or is occurring on campus, please report it immediately to Public Safety. You can also report crimes anonymously by using the Silent Witness Program form.

Campus Public Safety Offices

800 South Rolling Road
Baltimore, MD 21228

College Services Center

Room 201
Tel: 443-840-2534
Fax: 443-840-4006

7200 Sollers Point Road
Baltimore, MD 21222

College Community Center

Room 124
Tel: 443-840-2535
Fax: 443-840-3109

7201 Rossville Boulevard
Baltimore, MD 21237

Student Services Center 003

Room 003
Tel: 443-840-2533
Fax: 443-840-1373

Sexual Assault Reporting Procedure

Any victim of a sexual assault should report the incident to any of the following:

  • CCBC Public Safety Catonsville: 443-840-2534
  • CCBC Public Safety Dundalk: 443-840-2535
  • CCBC Public Safety Essex: 443-840-2533
  • Baltimore County Police Department: 911
  • Counseling Catonsville: 443-840-4382
  • Counseling Dundalk: 443-840-3215
  • Counseling Essex: 443-840-1973
  • Any Campus Administrator or Faculty

It is important to report the incident immediately and to preserve all physical evidence of the sexual assault.

Victims or witnesses may make a voluntary, confidential crime report for inclusion in the annual crime report. Counselors may inform their clients of the opportunity to make such a report.

Sexual Assault Policy and Information


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