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Usage Policy for the Student Unix System


The Community College of Baltimore County Student Unix system is provided as a resource to support the computing needs of CCBC students, staff and faculty. As this resource is the property of the Community College of Baltimore County, all users must comply with CCBC, local, state and federal laws and policies.

By using in any manner the Student Unix system of the CCBC the user agrees to the following:

  1. Use of the system is considered a privilege granted by the CCBC.

  2. The CCBC reserves the right to revoke any system accesses or account.

  3. To use the system in a responsible manner.

  4. To use the system for academic purposes only.

  5. To follow all CCBC regulations as described in the Faculty Handbook and the College Catalog.

  6. To use only the account assigned to you personally.

  7. System administrators have full access to any information stored on the system for the purpose of system maintenance or usage monitoring.

  8. Commercial activities are prohibited without written authorization by the CCBC.

  9. Using software intentionally without permission that affects the integrity or operation of the system is strictly prohibited.

  10. All Copyrights will be respected

  11. No pornographic/obscene material will be displayed or disclosed.

  12. Confidentiality of student information, including grades, schedules, and other personal data must be maintained.

Violations of this policy will result in invalidating the account, purging all files/data contained thereon and referral of the situation to appropriate college administrators for further action.


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