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CCBC’s Institutional Priorities

Projects relative to Student Success, Teaching and Learning Excellence, Organizational Excellence, and Community Engagement help us to focus on CCBC’s vision to be the institution of choice for students. Our goal is to facilitate collaborative partnerships between the students, faculty, administrators, and other constituents that make teaching purposeful, learning powerful, and community paramount. This enables us to ensure that the college’s adopted five values that serve as its compass points and steer the college on its strategic path: learning, responsibility, integrity, inclusiveness, and excellence.

Student Success

At CCBC, we believe that individual student success is our collective success. Our leaders seek to guide students to develop realistic and challenging goals. Together, we work to provide appropriate student support services to assist them in achieving their goals, whether those goals lead to earning a degree or certificate, obtaining transfer credits, developing specific skills, or enriching their personal lives.

Our Student Success Funding Priorities include such items as the following:

  • Faculty training and curriculum development to ensure student success;
  • Targeted program scholarships; and
  • Software that tracks student achievement, and maps student career processes.

Teaching and Learning Excellence

CCBC leaders are committed to providing and supporting a quality educational experience for students by ensuring state-of-the art teaching that combines outstanding faculty with committed support and services staff. We believe that the strongest aspect of CCBC is its emphasis on quality teaching and learning.

Our Teaching and Learning Excellence Funding Priorities include:

  • Development of innovative programs that meet student needs;
  • Innovative use of technology to support diverse student learning styles; and
  • Exciting pedagogy designed to enable our students to be competitive in the job market.

Organizational Excellence

CCBC seeks to promote an organizational culture that encourages excellence and success by developing and supporting individuals, teams, and processes that contribute to the effective and responsible management of teaching and learning, student success, human resources, facilities, services, technology, and finances. We believe that efficiency, effectiveness, and “best practices” must be woven throughout our daily tasks, processes, operations, and programs.

Our Organizational Excellence Funding Priorities include:

  • Equipment projects that advance college programs;
  • Construction and renovation funds that strengthen the college’s infrastructure; and
  • Projects that improve the efficiency of college operations.

Community Engagement

CCBC representatives earn the support and respect of our communities by being a good neighbor and by providing beneficial learning experiences that are highly valued by individuals in our communities and by community organizations, businesses, industries, and the County government. We believe that earning and maintaining the support of our communities by anticipating and responding to their current and future needs and interests is essential to our Mission.

Our Community Engagement Funding Priorities include:

  • Projects that engage community members at several levels;
  • Efforts to successfully interact with public school leaders to provide seamless transitions for high school students; and
  • Unique programs that address a broad range of educational and community needs.

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