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The internet is an abundant, diverse, and ever-changing resource for information of all kinds. We think you will find the sites linked to here to be valuable resources for the kind of information that strengthens your learning. But bear in mind that they should be considered just a starting point in your efforts to get the best of the study helps out there. The sites are to be used with discretion. Like all tutorial resources, they are means of assistance for your study, and they do not rank with your professors' instruction in authority. You are responsible for your use of them in light of what your professors require of you.

If you know of or discover high-quality online resources that you think should be listed here, or if you find problems with any of the sites we have listed here, please let us know.

English Language and Writing Resources

Tidewater Community College Writing Center Self-help Handouts

Provides easily understood notes on various aspects of college paper-writing, grouped under three headings: Grammar and Punctuation Guidelines, Practical Punctuation Guide, and Writing Guidelines.

Dr. Renard Donesky's Writing Review

Provides clear, concise discussion of a small selection of essential grammar and essay structure topics in a simple, straightforward format. Includes a few exercises with each explanation.

The Purdue University Online Writing Lab

Addresses all aspects of the writing process, not only discussing rules and conventions of composition, but also giving extensive advice for developing effective writing methods. The site is much more detailed in its coverage than the average writing-help site.

The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing

Covers a broad array of paper-writing topics. The site is very easily navigated, because its whole menu from main heads to sub-points is shown in a side bar found on every page. The site emphasizes structure and style. Grammar is not the main emphasis of the site, although key grammar topics are addressed in brief.

Guide to Grammar and Style, by Jack Lynch

A Rutgers University professor's online writing guide, this site breaks the material down into grammar and usage, on one hand, and general notes on good writing style, on the other. The explanations are short. Click on "Contents" at the top of the page to go to a complete list of the site's contents ordered alphabetically.

Grammar, Punctuation, & Capitalization: A Handbook for Technical Writers & Editors

This is a professional guide for technical writing at NASA's Langley Research Center. Advanced students may find this useful. Remember that the rules and conventions given at this site may not exactly match the rules and conventions used by your professors at CCBC.

National Writing Centers Association Resources for Writers

A central site providing links to a variety of writing-help resources. Don't start here. Look here if you want to broaden the scope of your knowledge of internet writing resources.

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Math Resources

Breaks down algebra concepts into easily-digested chunks. It also features a java-script problem-solver program for certain kinds of problems; you type in the problem, following the instructions, and the program shows steps to the solution.

Online Tutorials for Finite Math & Calculus Applied to the Real World

Provides easy-to-use tutorials for some algebra, finite math, and calculus topics. Interactive exercises allow you to test your knowledge and get explanations for your mistakes.

Karl's Calc Tutor

Has interesting and fun explanations of first-semester level (and some second-semester level) calculus concepts.


Covers a great deal of calculus material, tied directly to the structure of the calculus courses and text at the University of Tenn. Knoxville. It features many helpful graphical/interactive explanations, for which browser plug-ins are required (see help page at the site).

Visual Calculus

Another UTK site, focused on visual explanations of calculus principles.

Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics

Billed "The Web's Most Extensive Mathematics Resource," this site allows you to search by alphabetically ordered sub-menus for any math topic on which you may have a question. The explanations are textbook-style and rather technical.Advanced and/or ambitious math students may prefer this site.

Sites with lists of math links:

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