Department of Veteran Affairs
Regulations/Your Responsibilities

While attending CCBC and receiving VA Education benefits, you should be aware of the following VA regulations and student responsibilities:

  • Complete all forms accurately and completely. The VA new veteran application process can take up to 9-12 weeks, peak processing time and errors may delay the process.
  • You are required to pursue a degree/certificate program available at CCBC and approved for VA Educational benefits.
  • Your declared degree program must be is listed correctly with DVA and CCBC, the information must match.
  • You are expected to make satisfactory academic progress toward completion of a degree and you must comply with the academic standards of CCBC.
  • You are responsible for reporting changes in enrollments that includes drops, adds, withdrawals, changes to audit, and changes degree objectives,
  • You are responsible for any CCBC account balances and or debts with the Dept. of Veterans Affairs.
  • You are responsible to verify your enrollment on the last calendar day of the month with DVA, except for Chapters 31, 33 and 35.
  • Registering for a course and then not attending without officially withdrawing is a misuse of federal funds.
  • Payment of benefits will not be allowed for repeating a course for which transfer or a passing grade has been granted.
  • Payment of benefits will not be allowed for courses not required in a degree program, or course drops or for audited courses.
  • You are required to have an evaluation of your prior college credits by submitting Official Trancsripts to CCBC.The Dept. of Veterans Affairs may deny benefits if you do not comply.

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