Highlights of May 2021

Adapting to meet the evolving needs of the college community, CCBC continues to provide instructional, training and enrichment opportunities on campus and in virtual environments.

U.S. Secretary of Education visits CCBC

US secretary of educationOn a May 3 visit to CCBC, U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona toured the college's on-site child care center as well as the college's automotive lab, where he was able to speak with students.

Dr. Cardona spoke to students about the importance of a community college tuition being free for all Americans, which is a part of President Biden's American Families Plan. In Fall 2020, 81% of CCBC students received full or partial tuition assistance, thanks to a combination of College Promise programs, federal aid and CARES Act funding.

“I'm really, really pleased with what I saw here today,” Cardona said at a press conference following his visit. "I know that the success of the students can be multiplied if the American Families Plan proposal to provide free community colleges for students moves forward."

CCBC receives Maritime Center of Excellence designation

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Maritime Administration announced that CCBC is a 2021 Center of Excellence for Domestic Maritime Workforce Training and Education designee. The CoE designation recognizes community colleges and training institutions that prepare students for careers in the maritime industry. CCBC was one of 27 academic institutions in 16 states and one US territory to earn the designation in 2021.

MARAD will work with the CCBC Transportation, Distribution, and Maritime Logistics Institute to enter into agreements to help advance recruitment of cooperative students and faculty, enhance facilities, award student credit for military service, and potentially receive assistance in the form of surplus equipment or temporary use of MARAD vessels.

Authorized under the National Defense Authorization Act of 2018, the CoE program is designed to assist the maritime industry in gaining and sustaining a well-trained labor force while enhancing diversity and inclusion in the industry.

Emeritus status awarded to 11 CCBC retirees

emeritusThe CCBC Board of Trustees bestowed Emeritus status upon 11 retired faculty and staff. This is an honor conferred upon retired college faculty and professional employees in recognition of outstanding scholarship, exemplary service to the college, and/or work with students.

Drucilla K. Allen, catalog librarian
Library Services
21 years of full-time and 18 years of part-time service

Catherine M. Birkelien, director, Advancement Services
Advancement Services
34 years of full-time service

Judith Blum, assistant dean, Health Professions; program director
Occupational Therapy Assistant program
29 years of full-time service

Patricia P. Crossman, professor of Music
Chair of Performing Arts and Humanities
30 years of full-time service

Cheryl Hazel, program director, Project Start
Disability Support Services
26 years of full-time service

Therese A. Hirsch, senior director, Planning, Research and Evaluation
Planning, Research and Evaluation
39 years of full-time service

Diane G. Hunter, assistant professor and clinical coordinator
Occupational Therapy Assistant program
21 years of full-time service

Gwendolyn D. Jones, senior academic advisor
Academic Advisement
20 years of full-time service

Richard H. Lilley, Ph.D., vice president of Enrollment and Student Services
Enrollment and Student Services
49 years of full-time service

William E. Rice, associate professor of Philosophy
Department of Performing Arts and Humanities
37 years of full-time service

Christopher A. Wolfe, professor of Music
Department of Performing Arts and Humanities
44 years of full-time service

Kabish Shah named 2021 Distinguished Alumnus of the Year

Kabish-Shah Kabish Shah, project manager at Whiting Turner Contracting Company, has been named the 2021 Distinguished Alumnus of the Year. At age 30, Shah is the youngest person to receive this award. He earned an Associate of Arts degree in Engineering in 2011 and an Associate of Science degree in Mathematics in 2012.

At Whiting-Turner, Shah has spearheaded the construction and development of several notable multi-million dollar facilities in the Baltimore-Metropolitan area, including UMBC's Performing Arts and Humanities building and the MGM Casino and Hotel at National Harbor, among others.

Shah is a native of Nepal, moving to the United States to pursue his dream of getting an engineering degree from an American university. After graduating from CCBC, Shah went on to earn a bachelor's degrees in both Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering, an Honors College Certificate, and a Master of Science-Engineering Management from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Throughout his career, Shah has advocated for CCBC students and alumni. As president of the CCBC Alumni Association, he continues to raise funds for student scholarships and programs, while serving as a mentor to students in the college's Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-Tech) program.

Shah also volunteers for numerous community organizations including the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Catholic Charities, Habitat for Humanity and Civic Works.