Flexible grading options for an unusual time

CCBC recognizes the impact COVID-19 has had on our students’ lives and is adopting flexible grading options for Spring 2020. In addition to traditional letter grades, students can consider three other options: incomplete, withdraw, and pass/fail.

Traditional grades

CCBC students have, as always, the option to select the traditional letter grade option (A-F). For many students, the Traditional grading system will be the best option.

How to select this option
No action is required. Unless otherwise requested, this will be the default grading option.

Incomplete (“I” grade)

CCBC faculty will consider an “incomplete” for those students who, because of the unique circumstances of this term, are unable to complete the required work for the course. The incomplete allows a student to finish the required coursework beyond the end of the term.

If you are considering this option, you should speak with your instructor as soon as possible. You will need to consider the timeline for completion and how it will impact your future class schedule. For example, if this course is a prerequisite for other courses, taking the Incomplete may block registration for the next course until the Incomplete is resolved and the new grade posted.

In addition, if you select this option, you will not be able to switch to the Pass/Fail option after the “I” grade is assigned.

How to select this option
The college has an existing “I” grade policy. It is your responsibility to request an Incomplete from your instructor before the final examination period. You and your instructor must agree in writing on the precise conditions for completion of the course requirements.


Recognizing that some students would struggle in a remote learning environment, the college extended the withdrawal date for the Spring 2020 semester to May 12. This allowed students to withdraw from courses with no adverse effect on their GPA, though for some it could affect financial aid status.

CCBC also wants to help ease any financial strain that having to retake a course might cause. To help with this, you can apply for a one-time Emergency Grant that will cover the cost for you to retake your course(s) in the coming Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 terms.

How to select this option
Students who would like to withdraw from spring course(s) should email ccbcregistrar@ccbcmd.edu and provide their name, CCBC ID number, and course information for the request to be processed.

To apply for the Emergency grant, complete the online application by May 29, 2020 (CCBC login required).


For the Spring 2020 semester only, CCBC will offer credit students the option of choosing Pass/Fail for each of their courses. For most courses, a grade of “pass” requires a D or better. In the case of English 101, courses within the School of Health Professions, and any course or program that requires a “C” or higher to advance, a grade of “pass” requires a C or better. Please note that you have the choice to opt in for Pass/Fail for some or all of your Spring 2020 courses on a course-by-course basis.

A “pass” grade will not be factored into your calculated GPA.
Therefore, it may not be your best choice, especially if you:
  • Are in, or intend to take, health professions classes.
  • Are a College Promise Scholarship recipient.
  • Are seeking scholarships at CCBC that are competitive with GPA requirements.
  • Wish to transfer, especially to programs with competitive admission criteria.
Likewise, it may have an impact on honors based on calculated GPA, including recognition for the CCBC Honors program, Phi Theta Kappa, Dean’s List, and graduation with honors.

A “fail” grade will still be factored into your calculated GPA, as with a failing grade in the traditional grading option.

There are also considerations if you use employer-provided tuition assistance or receive VA benefits. A “pass” grade is considered a successful completion of the course for federal financial aid purposes and is considered in the maximum number of credits for which a student may receive federal aid.

Please understand that if you select the Pass/Fail option, this final grade will become part of your official transcript. It cannot be changed to a traditional grade in the future.

How to select this option
To request the pass grade option for spring, complete the Pass Grade Option Request online by Friday, May 29, 2020.