• Class of 2012 CCBC Athletic Hall of Fame inductees

2012 Hall of Fame Members

Name College
Hilda R. Anderson CCBC Catonsville
Sonny Askew CCBC Essex
Dianne Sadler Biast CCBC Essex
Anthony "Will" Chase CCBC Dundalk
David M. Cole CCBC Catonsville
Nichelle Nicole Dixon CCBC Dundalk
Frances T. Ferrante CCBC Catonsville
Dan Frezza, Jr. CCBC Essex
Kendra Gaines CCBC Essex
Jim Garvey CCBC Catonsville
George Henderson CCBC Essex
Deborah Hutchinson CCBC Essex
Antoinette Johnson CCBC Essex
Karen Knapp CCBC Essex
James Lewis CCBC Catonsville
Thomas Lynn CCBC Essex
Kenneth J. Masslmini CCBC Catonsville
April-Mae C. Ridenour CCBC Dundalk/Essex
Steven Rivera CCBC Dundalk
Elizabeth Slater CCBC Catonsville
Charles A. Strouse, Sr. CCBC Catonsville
Zack Thornton CCBC Essex
Donald E. Weller CCBC Dundalk
Roy Willner CCBC Catonsville
Charles Buck Workman CCBC Catonsville
Ed Wren CCBC Essex