• Class of 2013 CCBC Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

2013 Hall of Fame Members

Name College
John A. Abe CCBC Essex
Derrick Allender CCBC Essex
Kendra Baldwin CCBC Dundalk
Carl E. Cuneo CCBC Essex
Earl G. Garner CCBC Catonsville
Eric Grandy CCBC Essex
Timmy Greene CCBC Catonsville
Charles "Charlie" Holston CCBC Dundalk
Debbie R. Holtschneider CCBC Dundalk
Eugene Jackson III CCBC Dundalk
Sam R. Knisley CCBC Dundalk
Patrick Lager CCBC Catonsville
Sharon H. McLaughlin CCBC Essex
Erin Brown Millon CCBC Essex
Steve Sam Pappas CCBC Catonsville
Tim Puls CCBC Essex
William Silverthorne CCBC Essex
Cassidie Dunbar Starner CCBC Catonsville
Tom Taylor CCBC Catonsville
Bridget M. Thorton CCBC Catonsville
Judith K. West CCBC Essex
Constance White CCBC Catonsville
Jennifer Witowski CCBC Catonsville
John Zorich CCBC Dundalk