Camp Heritage

The Camp Heritage staff provides a safe, supervised environment. Eight professional adults design and implement the program throughout the day.

Camp Heritage has a professional director with the training, skills, and experience necessary to provide the best experience for children. Ms. Andrea Broadhurst will return for her seventh season as Camp Heritage Director and her 17th overall year in summer camp leadership. The director provides an environment for each child to discover new interests, develop character, make new friends, and learn valuable life skills.

Our camper to counselor ratio is approximately six to one. Our camper to counselor ratio does not include counselors-in-training or volunteers. The fact that the adult teachers design the program enables our counselors to interact more closely with the children. The counselors are carefully selected based on their experience, education, and enthusiasm. Each counselor participates in extensive pre-camp leadership training. Our staff is dedicated to creating a developmentally appropriate and socially enriching camp experience for each child. Senior staff receive instruction in CPR and first aid. Beginning in March, the staff is provided monthly information regarding camp policies and evaluation procedures. Finally, our staff is required to undergo a criminal background check. The key to the success of our camp program remains our staff.

In addition, a registered nurse is on call at all times to serve Camp Heritage. A medical plan is approved by a licensed professional. All medications dispensed at camp are accepted and reviewed by the camp nurse. In that the camp heritage nurse is not on site, all medications must be self-administered with the nurse’s designee present.