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Are you wondering what life at CCBC is like? Thanks to our student bloggers, you’ll get a snapshot of everyday life here on campus.

Meet our current bloggers

Allana Therese Calahatian

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I am an incoming second-year psychology student here at CCBC. Some of my hobbies include writing, watching movies and Korean dramas, and learning new things! Read my blog »

Vivian Delgado

Profile photo of student blogger Vivian Delgado
I’m majoring in the Histotechnology program here at CCBC Essex. I’m a proud member of Student Life as an ambassador. My hobbies include eating, baking and watching movies. I am Salvadorian and enjoy foods from all around the world. Read my blog »

Morwa Nandy

Profile photo of student blogger Morwa Nandy
I was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya and I’ve been living in Baltimore for four years. I really like to read and if I’m not hunched over a textbook studying then I probably have a novel in my hands. Read my blog »

Rama Thaher-Sawalhi

Profile photo of CCBC student blogger Rama Thaher-Sawalhi
CCBC where I found myself, my passion and my pathway to my future career as a school counselor. I’m a member of the Honors Program, a PTK member, a Student Life Ambassador, a CCBC Fresh Face influencer and a CCBC blogger. Read my blog »