Recent Projects: College Website

What has the Web Management Team been working on? We do much more than just review pages submitted for approval by our content contributors and owners. There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes! Take a look at some of the projects we completed this past year.

Major projects completed in 2020
  • Secured our servers and upgraded drive space
  • Redesigned Page Not Found
  • Redesigned the Newsroom
    • Instagram rendering
    • New look for news detail pages
    • Modified landing page
  • Improved the Youtube services/video integrations
  • Redesigned Center for Business Innovation
  • Developed a dynamic list of aliases
  • Created Web Content Standards webpages
  • Remediated WCAG 2.1 web accessibility issues
  • Sent a monthly newsletter to web content contributors/owners

Redesigned/new web sections in 2020

Academic restructuring

screenshot of the academic schools landing pageCCBC’s academic schools were restructured in 2020. We built, moved, renamed and removed pages. To prepare for this project, we focused on one school a week. In a mass email to contributors and owners, we presented a timeline and content was needed to complete this project.

We audited all school pages to ensure consistency throughout this section. All school landing pages now include contact information, marketing messages with links to department pages, a connection block to market College Promise scholarships, and if applicable an orange border block to market online programs. Similarly, all discipline pages now include contact information, a carousel image (or important announcement), marketing messages with links to program pages, link to the department's Common Course Outline (CCO) page(s), and a link to the associated Academic Pathway.

All of this change unfortunately caused us to have roughly 101 dead links in external sites and search results.

Major projects planned for 2021