Contributing to the College Website

The website is a gateway to the college's online environment and serves as a primary means of communication to key college audiences by providing critical information and access to online services.

The goals of the website are to:

  1. Attract and engage prospective students.
    • Encourage them to apply, visit the campus, request info, etc.
  2. Provide web resources for current students.
  3. Provide web resources for other key audiences.
    • Alumni, community businesses, donors and potential employees.
  4. Promote the wide variety of academic opportunities offered at CCBC.
  5. Present a consistent brand and message.
To meet this broad range of goals, more than 100 employees from across the college regularly update and maintain the words, media files and links that continuously improve the user experience on the CCBC website.

Updating content on the website
Most areas have one or more trained content contributors who have access to Sitecore. If you need to update information on the website, your area's content contributor is your first contact.

Deans and Vice Presidents determine who is responsible for contributing content to the college website that requires the knowledge of subject matter experts within their management areas. This means designating one or more content contributors and content owners and specifying who has access to edit, review and/or approve specific pieces or classes of content. Selecting the right employee »

Content management
CCBC’s website is built on a decentralized content management model, which allows designated content contributors to add and update content on the site. This is facilitated by the college’s content management system (CMS), Sitecore.

Since content management is a shared responsibility, the Web Management Team created a Web Content Agreement to document the roles and permissions of all users specific levels of access to add and edit content on the site.

Each individual role has specific content responsibilities in the publishing process, but each falls into one of the categories below:

Deans and Vice Presidents

Deans and vice presidents formally designate contributors and owners for website content that falls within their purview. This designation is a formal process and implies shared accountability for the accuracy of content and adherence to approved Web Content Standards.

Content Contributors

Content contributors are full-time employees responsible for updating content on the CCBC website. Contributors will are trained in the College’s web standards and in the use of Sitecore to update content.

What are content contributors responsible for?

Content Owners

Content owners are full-time employees who are organizationally responsible for the accuracy of content in which they are subject matter experts. Owners are trained in the College’s web standards, the use of Sitecore to update content and Sitecore approval function.

What are content owners responsible for?

Media Relations Team

The Media Relations Team is specially qualified to publish news articles, press releases, and In the News content directly to the college website as final approvers.

Web Management Team

Web Management Team (Web Team) handles the maintenance and growth of CCBC’s public facing website.

Our responsibilities also include:
  • Strategic planning to meet college online communication and service goals as they relate to
  • Administration of Sitecore, the college’s content management system.
  • Review and publish content to the website, including event submissions.
  • Process, document and maintain permissions, roles and workflows within Sitecore.
  • Closely manage and maintain mission critical sections of the website.
  • Ensure content adheres to Web Content Standards and federal regulations.
  • Continuously improve user interface, user experience and search engine optimization.
  • Research, prioritize and implement new development projects.
  • Determine and manage site architecture and media library.
  • Develop and test disaster recovery protocols.
  • Review and provide Google analytics reports.
  • Provide web content training and documentation.

Sitecore Training Sessions

We are exploring ways to host our content management training while practicing physical distancing and other COVID safety precautions.

Individuals who have a Web Content Agreement on file will be notified of upcoming training sessions.

Note: All trainees must successfully complete the CCBC Content Management Certification Assessment and the PDF accessibility training requirement to submit or approve content in Sitecore. Learn more about our options for PDF accessibility training»