Sitecore Content Management Training

CCBC uses a Content Management System (CMS) called Sitecore. As a Sitecore user, you are part of a college-wide team of contributors and owners making updates within the CMS.

Is this training for me?
  • We have a Web Content Agreement signed by the appropriate Dean or VP—Yes! You are eligible for this training.

  • We do not have a Web Content Agreement signed by the appropriate Dean or VP—No. You are not eligible at this time.

If your department has yet to designate responsibility for its content, please complete the Web Content Agreement with your department Dean or VP's signature and forward it to the Web Content Managers, at and

What does the training cover?
The training is broken into two sessions that cover business processes, content development and technical training in Sitecore. Immediately following training, a mandatory assessment will be sent to all participants to test the skills they learned in training.

Morning Session

(10 a.m. — 11:30 a.m.)

Web Management Procedures and Content Standards
This module provides an understanding of your role in the site management process and establishes expectations for the content you will contribute to the public facing CCBC website.

Sitecore Basics
This portion of the morning session provides an introduction on fundamental concepts and basic nomenclature in Sitecore.​

Afternoon Session

(12:30 p.m. — 3 p.m.)

The Sitecore Content Management System and the CCBC Website
This session will teach you how the CCBC website works and how to use Sitecore to maintain your designated content on the site.

Using a training sample site, you'll learn how to:
  • Create and edit content (including pasting plain text)
  • Create/maintain internal and external links
  • Edit other renderings:
    1. Accordion
    2. Call to action (CTAs)
    3. Contact us block
    4. Connection block
    5. Orange border block (OBB)
  • Manage PDFs:
    1. Replace a PDF
    2. Upload a new PDF
  • Submit your work for approval
  • Assessment

    (7 days)

    You must demonstrate ability to complete the following content management tasks:
    • Login and navigate to your assessment page.
    • Edit subtitle, body, accordion, orange border block and all right rail content.
    • Replace and upload a PDF.
    • Submit the page for approval.
    You will have one week to complete the assessment immediately following the training.

    Sitecore Training Sessions

    We are exploring ways to host our content management training while practicing physical distancing and other COVID safety precautions.

    Individuals who have a Web Content Agreement on file will be notified of upcoming training sessions.

    Note: All trainees must successfully complete the CCBC Content Management Certification Assessment and the PDF accessibility training requirement to submit or approve content in Sitecore. Learn more about our options for PDF accessibility training»