Regaining Financial Aid Eligibility

Financial aid funds will only pay for courses required for your declared program of study.

Reinstatement criteria

  • A student, whose financial aid has been suspended, may regain eligibility after taking classes at their own expense and meeting the minimum requirements of a 2.0 GPA, minimum 67% completion rate, and not exceeding the 150% maximum timeframe.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Financial Aid Office when these conditions have been met.

Appeal procedure

Students with a suspended status and documented extenuating circumstances may appeal their suspension.  You may appeal for GPA, completion rate, and maximum timeframe.

An appeal must be based on a documented extenuating circumstance or situation which prevented the student from completing/passing their courses, or which necessitated a withdrawal from classes. A work conflict, repetitive withdrawals and/or failures are not extenuating circumstances.

The submitted appeal must:
  • Include information describing why minimum SAP standards have not been met and how the situation has changed so that SAP will be met at the next evaluation.
  • Detail any extenuating circumstances and include supporting documentation from a 3rd party (e.g., police reports, detailed hospital bill or physician’s statement, death certificate, military deployment, etc.).
  • Include enrollment plans for next period of enrollment (e.g., number of credit hours, change in major, Academic Improvement Plan details, any other academic-related documentation, etc.).
  • Be complete and submitted to the Financial Aid Office by the deadline for each period of enrollment.
An appeal may be approved only if CCBC has determined that the student will be able to meet minimum SAP standards after the subsequent semester/payment period. Approval of financial aid based on an appeal is normally granted one time during a student’s academic career at CCBC. If a student has not achieved the minimum SAP standards after the first probationary period, the student is ineligible for aid until the minimum SAP standards are achieved.

Students, who have lost eligibility to participate in federal student aid programs for reasons of satisfactory academic progress, can regain eligibility only by enrolling at CCBC at their own expense and achieving minimum SAP standards. A period of non-enrollment will not restore eligibility to a student whose financial aid has been suspended for failure to make satisfactory academic progress.


Once the appeal is granted and/or an academic plan is approved, the student is placed on financial aid probation. A student on financial aid probation may receive federal and state funds for one payment period.

Appeal denial

There is no secondary appeal process.
  • If an appeal is denied, students can only be reinstated for financial aid eligibility if they satisfy the minimum SAP requirements.
  • If an appeal is approved and the student does not fulfill the conditions of their Probation or Probation with Academic Plan, the student will not be eligible for aid for any future semesters during their academic career unless the student satisfies all deficiencies. Students in this situation cannot have their financial aid reinstated and have exhausted their right to appeal.