Special Spring 2020 deferred payment plan

To help you stay on track during this difficult time, we’re introducing a deferred payment plan for students who:
  • Are currently enrolled in Spring 2020 classes.
  • Have a remaining balance with CCBC, but are struggling to pay due to the pandemic.
  • Are not already enrolled in a CCBC payment plan.
With a $25 enrollment fee, you can stretch your payments up to a 3-month period.

Enroll by Down payment Payment schedule
5/27/2020 25% 3 payments due June, July, August
6/25/2020 30% 2 payments due July August
7/23/2020 50% 1 payment due August
If your current balance has created a hold on your account, enrolling in this plan will enable you to register for Summer and Fall courses. However, you will not be able to get a transcript, diploma, or certificate until your payments are complete.

To enroll now in the deferred payment plan, apply by logging in to SIMON.
  1. Select the Student Accounts tab
  2. Then View Account Summary by Term
  3. At the bottom, choose Enroll/Manage Payment Plan.

Payment Plan

Consider using CCBC's Payment Plan—a convenient method that can help make paying for your education a little easier!

Apply for a tuition payment plan through NELNET Business Solutions. Applications must be processed online. A $25 non-refundable enrollment fee will be assessed for payment plans if enrolled for each semester prior to the dates indicated below. If enrollment occurs after August 27, 2020 for the Fall 2020 term, a $30 non-refundable enrollment fee will be charged.

The initial payment and processing fee is deducted at the time of enrollment. Additional monthly payments are automatically deducted from a checking, savings or credit card account. Payment plan totals are calculated based on charged tuition and fees; less any authorized financial aid or other credits and will adjust automatically as changes occur.

The dates listed below reference deadlines for the specified required down payment and number of monthly payments only. If you have registered for classes, please refer to the payment due date for each term to ensure you have secured your seat in a timely manner. Some dates listed are after the actual due date to allow students registering after the payment date an opportunity to participate in the plan.

Payment plan enrollment and schedule

Summer 2020

The payment due date is 5/7/2020 for Summer 2020. Students registering on or before 5/7/2020 must have a payment plan in place by 5/7/2020. Payment is due at the time of registration on or after 5/7/2020 to avoid cancellation for non-payment.

Last day to submit online Required down payment Number of monthly payments Months of payments
April 24
25% 3 May — July
May 23 30% 2 June — July
June 23 50% 1 July only

Fall 2020

The payment due date is 8/6/2020 for Fall 2020. Students registering on or before 8/6/2020 must have a payment plan in place by 8/6/2020. Payment is due at the time of registration on or after 8/6/2020 to avoid cancellation for non-payment.

Last day to submit online Required down payment Number of monthly payments Months of payments
May 23 10% 6 June — Nov.
June 25 15% 5 July — Nov.
July 27 20% 4 Aug. — Nov.
*Aug. 27 25% 3 Sept. — Nov.
*Sept. 24 30% 2 Oct. — Nov.
*Oct. 27 50% 1 November only
*Indicates payment plans that are available to students who register after the payment due date. (Ex. a student who registers on 1/7/20, must enroll in payment plan that day to secure classes. At that time, the required down payment is 20%. A student registering 1/7/20 — 3/18/20 must enroll in a plan the day of registration and will be required to make the appropriate down payment).

Tuition payment methods


  1. Login to Simon using your username and password.
  2. Select "Student Accounts."
  3. Select "Account Summary" or "Account Summary by Term."
  4. Choose on one of the payment options at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Login with your username and password.*
  6. Follow instructions for making payment.

Credit card and ACH (checking or savings account) payments are accepted online.

*Students who use Touchnet's credit card or check payment option within SIMON will be directed to Touchnet's website. For security reasons, students will be required to enter their same consistent username and password for payment processing within the Touchnet site.


Mail payment to the Bursar's Office at the following address:
CCBC Catonsville Bursar's Office
800 South Rolling Road, Baltimore, MD 21228-5381

In person

Pay tuition at the campus Bursar's Office (Catonsville, Dundalk, Essex).

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