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Credit by Portfolio Assessment

Earn college credit by completing a portfolio of prior experiences! 

If you've gained college-level learning through work experience, military service, professional development, volunteerism or personal experiences — we think you deserve credit for that.

Through portfolio assessment, you can work with program faculty to plan, compile and evaluate a written portfolio of your knowledge and experiences in exchange for CCBC credit — a flexible option that saves you time and money on your degree.


Portfolio assessment is ideal if you have:


In most cases, you will be expected to pay an assessment fee which is currently 50% of the in-county tuition rate. However, if you are a CCBC Continuing Education student enrolled in a Workforce Certificate program, you may be eligible for a fee waiver!

Process and Next Steps

To initiate the PLA process, email We'll be in touch with next steps and arrange for you to meet with a faculty member, also referred to as a subject matter faculty expert.

When you meet with a subject matter faculty expert, you'll work together on timeline, objectives and process. You'll then need to spend some time on your own to compile and write your portfolio. This may include letters of recommendation, reflective essays and work samples.

Your subject matter faculty expert will grade the portfolio and submit the processing paperwork which will take a few weeks to process. You'll need a 70% or higher to pass.

Which courses are eligible for credit by portfolio assessment?

Most portfolio assessments will earn you three credits, but depending on the course, you could earn anywhere from one to six credits. View an up-to-date list of CCBC courses eligible for portfolio assessment.

Contact us.

Prior Learning Assessment