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Report an Issue

How can we help?

Whether you have a concern with institutional policy or need to report a student incident - it's our mission to provide a safe and respectful learning environment for all.

Issue concerning a fellow student

By submitting a report, you can help CCBC determine whether the concerning behavior is an immediate threat or requires a more strategic intervention plan.

Issue with an instructor

If you believe an instructor has assigned you an unfair grade or is otherwise treating you unfairly:

  • Talk to your instructor. Contact the instructor or faculty member directly and see if it can be resolved.
  • Approach their supervisor. If the instructor is unreachable after more than three attempts, or if you are dissatisfied with the results of the conference, you will need to approach their supervisor. Provide relevant documentation such as graded assignments and the syllabus.
  • Contact the dean. The final level of appeal involves the dean of the school offering the course. At this level, you need to submit your concern to the appropriate school dean as a written statement with relevant documentation within 45 days of class end.
  • Appeal resolution. The dean must respond within 15 days of receiving the appeal and include two possible courses of action. You then have 15 days to respond with the action pathway of preference – either a decision rendered by the dean or the convening of a hearing board (consisting of at least two faculty members, one student and an appointed hearing officer) – to make a recommendation to the dean before the dean makes a final decision, submitted to both the student and the faculty member, within 90 days of the student’s selected option.

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