Amber Shaw
CCBC Veteran Student
General Studies

CCBC in three words: Friendly, knowledgeable and affordable

After serving our country in the United States Army for eight years, Amber Shaw was ready to start her next chapter. When she retired from the military in 2020, she enrolled in CCBC with a goal to earn her associate degree in General Studies.

Shaw, a native of Rhode Island, is attending college at no cost thanks to the GI Bill. While money wasn’t a factor for her when researching colleges, finding flexibility was important to create a healthy work-life balance.

“When I researched classes at CCBC, I was pleased with the convenient times that were offered,” said Shaw. “Being a mother and wife, it was great not to have classes that started at dinner time. I also took advantage of online classes, which gave me the most flexibility.”

“CCBC has a great reputation,” added Shaw. “Alumni that I have met speak highly of the entire process of attending college, from enrollment to graduation.”

Being a veteran, Shaw was able to take advantage of CCBC’s Veteran Services department, which helped her navigate college life after service. She decided to choose General Studies as a major because it allows her to take electives that really interest her, such as Astronomy. Shaw likes CCBC’s low professor-to-student ratio, which enables her to ask plenty of questions.

“Attending CCBC for my associate degree has prepared me for the next level of my education,” said Shaw. “I know I am older than the typical college student, but you are never too old to begin something new.”

After graduating from CCBC, Shaw plans to transfer to a four-year college to study behavioral health.

Amber Shaw