Transfer from CCBC to another college

Want to start at CCBC then transfer to another institution? We’re here to help.

Starting your college journey at CCBC is not only a smart choice, but a choice that can save you tens of thousands of dollars as you pursue a four year degree!

Here’s how:
  • Our partnerships with four year schools in Maryland and surrounding areas allow you to easily transfer credits. Check out our transfer agreements»
  • In addition to saving money as a CCBC student, there are also a variety of financial aid opportunities just for transfer students that will help you continue your education!
  • Our dedicated advisors will guide you every step of the way and help you reach your educational goals.

Online Transfer Center

For more information, check out CCBC’s Online Transfer Center, where you can view transfer timelines and deadlines, sign up for upcoming events, connect with an advisor and learn how courses transfer to other institutions.

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Rama Thaher-Sawalhi

Alumni Spotlight

Rama Thaher-Sawalhi
CCBC 2022 graduate
Human Services Counseling
Nearly two decades after graduating high school, Rama Thaher-Sawalhi decided to take the plunge and start college. But with three children, she needed an affordable...