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Seniors Program

Learning is a lifelong experience!

Our Senior Adventures in Learning (SAIL) program provides a wide variety of Continuing Education classes on CCBC campuses, retirement communities and Baltimore County Senior Centers.

Our no-stress classes offer plenty of opportunity for social and cultural enrichment with no homework or tests! Wellness and fitness classes invigorate your body and sense of self. Learn new skills, develop hidden artistic talent and broaden your horizons through a variety of classes. Students aged 60+ only have to pay class fees.

Course Categories:

  • Arts and Hobbies: Learn to draw and paint using a variety of media and explore opportunities to try different arts and crafts. Explore new leisure activities and improve your skills in those hobbies that you enjoy including stitchery, card games, jewelry, antiques, bird watching, gardening and cooking.
  • Computers: Develop new computer skills including sending and receiving email, explore using smart phones, tablets and navigating social media too.
  • History, Politics and Events: Gain knowledge of historical figures, places and events from around the world, delve into politics and current affairs and research your own genealogy.
  • Humanities and Culture: Discover current and past cultures, world religions, scientific information, different genres of film, theater, literature and music.
  • Photography: Learn to use your digital camera effectively and how to enhance, edit and touch-up your photographic images.
  • Wellness and Fitness: Participate in a variety of exercise and personal improvement classes, such as pilates, meditation, tai chi, qigong, yoga, water aerobics, zumba and more.
  • Writing: Learn to express yourself through journaling and creative writing whether to capture memories or write and publish a book.

Learn Lectures and Tours

Prefer bite-sized lessons? Take advantage of our Learn Lectures or Lunch and Learn classes. Lectures run from 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

  • Our Learn Lectures do not include lunch and cost $30.
  • Our Lunch and Learn Lectures feature a lecture followed by lunch at a nearby restaurant. The cost per class, including lunch, is $64.
Table depicts the dates, topics and cost of lunch and learn lectures throughout May 2024.
Date Topic Type Cost
Friday, May 3 The Beatles in Baltimore Lunch and Learn $64
Wednesday, May 8 Walking Tour of Little Italy Lunch and Learn $64
Tuesday, May 14 A Brief of the Critical Race Theory Lunch and Learn $64
Monday, May 20 The Dead Sea Scrolls Lunch and Learn $64
Thursday, May 30 The 2024 Presidential Primaries Lunch and Learn $64

Contact us.

Stephan Edmonston

Director, Seniors Program