Transitioning to College

Choosing CCBC is a smart move.

And CCBC wants to help you get started with the right support to continue making smart moves. That’s why we require all of our new, degree-seeking students to enroll in ACDV 101 – Transitioning to College – during their first semester here.

This one-credit, first-year experience class will help you navigate CCBC, so that you know where to find the services and resources that will make you successful. You will learn how to stay informed, access technology and academic support, develop new skills, and explore student life activities and out-of-the-classroom opportunities to make the most of your time at CCBC. You will connect with other students who share similar interests and gain an enhanced sense of comfort and support as you pursue your personal and academic goals. You will also explore career options and create a personalized “academic roadmap” to get you where you want to go.

It’s all about helping you make a smooth transition.