Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM)

CCBC has a comprehensive STEM initiative that includes job preparedness and career service strategies for STEM business sectors. 

CCBC STEM Initiatives:


STEM Core is a program supported by National Science Foundation (NSF) that provides an opportunity to get to or through Calculus I in one year through accelerated math courses, as well as wrap around student support, and help with locating internships. Learn more »

For more information on STEM Core and the MASS program, email Camila Sotela, director of STEM Core.


Numerous scholarships are available for students majoring in STEM fields. These scholarships vary as to the source (internal versus external), amount and qualifying majors.

The following are only some of the scholarships available to CCBC STEM majors:
  • Math Acceleration for STEM Students
  • Laura LeMire Scholarship


Incoming CCBC students are grouped into one of nine pathways. The two pathways that house STEM majors are:

Bridges Programs and Internships

CCBC has partnerships with two local universities, UMBC and Towson University, through an NIH sponsored program known as Bridges.

  1. The UMBC Bridges program provides students with a 6-8 week internship at UMBC with UMBC faculty during the summer. The application is competitive and the process starts in late January, early February. For more information, contact Dr. Gwen Gilinger.
  2. The Towson University Bridges program provides students with an 8 week internship at Towson during the summer. The application is competitive and recruitment occurs during the fall semester, with an application deadline usually in late November. For more information contact Dr. Ewa Gorski (Catonsville Towson Bridges Coordinator) or Dr. Jennifer Laing (Essex and Dundalk Towson Bridges Coordinator).

Planning to Transfer?

CCBC also provides services that help students planning to transfer. The UMBC transfer site, T-STEM, provides transfer links and advice for students transferring to UMBC. More information on transfer can be found on the school sites, School of Mathematics and Science and School of Business, Technology and Law.

Mount St. Mary's Transfer Scholarship, C3STEM - for students planning to transfer to Mount St. Mary's and meet the following criteria:     

  • Have completed 30 community college credits
  • Demonstrate financial need    
  • Be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident or an alien admitted as a refugee     
  • Have a minimum 3.0/4.0 GPA in their STEM community college classes and overall
  • Intend to major in biology, chemistry, data science, environmental science, math, computer science or cybersecurity
  • For more information please visit C3STEM.

For more information, please visit: C3STEM.