Important announcement

Continuing Education classes continue to take place both in-person and remotely. If for any reason, the method of instruction for your class changes, the CCBC Call and Information Center will contact you through text, phone or email.

For additional information concerning the status of your class, refund or individual situation, please call 443.840.4700 or email

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Learning is a lifelong experience!

The Seniors Program provides a wide variety of non-credit classes on CCBC campuses, retirement communities, community centers, organizations and Baltimore County Senior Centers.

No homework or testing means no stress but allows plenty of opportunity for social and cultural enrichment. Wellness and fitness classes invigorate your body and sense of self. Learn new skills, develop hidden artistic talent and broaden your horizons through travel and special events. Best of all, students 60+ only pay the class fees!*

Zoom-along! Join us online.

Learn Lectures

Our Lunch and Learn programs have changed with the times and are now offered as lectures only, on Zoom. Come Zoom with us! The lectures, offered a few times a month, last an hour and a half before lunch from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Classes cost $30.

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Call 443.840.4900 to register.

Continuing Education classes for adult learners 


Enjoy courses in painting, drawing, ceramics, crafts and art history.

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Learn basic skills or gain additional knowledge in computers and various software applications. Discover how to get the most out of your iPad or smart device.

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History, Politics & Events

Take advantage of classes that explore our history from the dawn of human to the events from today’s news headlines.

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Humanities & Culture

Explore the works of a favorite author or find a new one. Learn about other countries and religions, enhance your creative writing skills and study global economics, the American political process and U.S. foreign policy.

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Lunch and Learn

Life is on hold... Learning doesn't have to be! Lunch and Learn is now Brown-Bag-it-Online! The same wonderful courses, from your favorite spot on the house!  Come Zoom along!

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Explore the world of digital photography and the many exciting opportunities for enhancing your photos through software applications.

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Wellness and Fitness

Enjoy specially designed classes that will invigorate your body and sense of self.

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*Maryland residents who are 60+ years on the first day of class may enroll at CCBC without a tuition charge for eligible courses. Applicable class fees, including registration and out-of-county fees, will be charged. Applicants must complete the birth date section on the registration form. Students 60 and older who register online will have the tuition waived (deducted) at final check out.