• senior students in a yoga class

Senior Wellness and Fitness Classes

Enjoy specially designed classes that will invigorate your body and sense of self.

Individuals over 60 never pay tuition, only fees!

Summer 2021 classes Classes offered at other times

Aerobics for the Senior Adult: A Low Impact Routine
A low impact aerobic workout designed for the Senior Adult that devotes a half-hour to cardio and a half-hour to body toning.

Aging in Reverse with Yoga, Level 1: Gentle 
Feel better with gentle rocking movements to relieve stiff achy joints without straining tight muscles while at the same time improving your resilience in the face of stressful events. 

Chair Exercises for the Senior Adult
Explore this modified, low-intensity chair exercise course in a fun environment, designed to improve mobility, balance, strength, muscle toning, flexibility, range of motion, and cardiovascular health.

Chair Pilates
Focus on improving core strength, balance, posture, flexibility, breathing, muscle tone, and more in this modified program. Specifically designed to maintain independence and quality of life. Expect to practice exercises dealing with muscle strengthening, nervous system improvement, mental clarity, stress reduction, balance control, joint pain reduction, and more.

Chair Yoga
Traditional yoga asanas (postures) can be adapted to perform with a chair, without any pressure on your hands, wrists, or knees.

Coping with Stress During Turbulent Times
Covid-19 has impacted us physically, emotionally and socially. Age increases our vulnerability compared to other generations. Find ways to deal with fear, stress and anxiety and how to cope with the pandemic.

Integral Hatha Yoga
Experience the benefits of having a serene mind, harmonious spirit and a powerfully healthy body. Integrate all parts of your being for inner balance and tranquility. Each yoga pose, breathing and meditation will increase flexibility, strength, stamina and confidence. Yoga (sticky) mat required.

Introduction to Yoga Therapeutics
Learn to use the therapeutic application of yoga to ease minor discomforts and improve balance, strength and flexibility. Practice simple techniques, motions and poses and develop your own yoga routine for home. You must be able to get up and down from the floor. Wear comfortable clothing and have a yoga mat to use.

Mindful Meditation
Through discussion and experiential practice of formal and informal mindful awareness techniques.

Qigong and Meditation
Learn to use Qigong methods of movement and breathing along with meditation. Guided meditation and practical tools and techniques will help you to increase awareness, decrease anxiety and stress, and function better in life. You will develop your own personal practice routine.

Self-Defense Basics
No situation can be 100% safe whether at school, work or home. Gain the training and awareness needed to avoid a confrontation or attack and how best to respond if you must defend yourself. Through a variety of situations and scenarios you'll be able to practice appropriate responses and investigate available options.

Self-Defense/Exercise with the Cane
Learn to use the cane to avoid physical harm, develop strength and become more mobile and confident in daily activities from a certified Cane Fu instructor. Please provide your own cane, preferably a wooden one. An aluminum cane with a single tip is acceptable.

Stretch and Meditation Techniques
Recharge your body and quiet your mind with stretches that can be done both with a chair and on the floor. 

Tai Chi I
Learn to relax and energize simultaneously. Decrease tension through participation in this meditation called Dance of Life. Combines coordination, balance and flexibility into rhythmic motion and gentle exercise. Excellent for all ages.

Tai Chi II
Continue the instruction of the Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan introduced in Tai Chi I. Learn the ancient sequence of moves emphasizing weight shifts, total body movement, and coordinated breathing.

Tai Chi Level II with James
Learn and expand activities that can increase balance, fall prevention, chronic pain treatment, and gentle stretching and skills that increase longevity and body control. 

Yoga Therapeutics for Seniors
Learn how these practices can improve flexibility and help develop/regain muscle and bone strength. Gain techniques for deep relaxation and mental clarity. Lop/regain muscle and bone strength. Gain techniques for deep relaxation and mental clarity.