Earn a Reiki Continuing Education Certificate to advance your skills and career!

Animal Reiki Certificate
Animal Reiki Practitioners are animal service providers (veterinarians, animal trainers/behaviorists, animal acupuncturists, pet groomers, dog kennel and day care staff) who use Reiki to help in the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual healing of animals. Reiki is a non-invasive Japanese holistic energy healing system used to support energy balance, harmony, and “hands-on” healing. The practice may include using Client Intake Forms, Client Consent Forms, Client Session, and working with different animals. Upon completion of the Animal Reiki I, II, and III classes, the student receives a “C” for completing the course and then progresses to the next module in the series. Adhering to a stringent attendance policy, completing the Internship, and passing the written exam are required for Animal Reiki Certification Training Levels II and III.

Classes include:
  • FIT760 Animal Reiki I
  • FIT761 Animal Reiki II
  • FIT773 Animal Reiki III
  • FIT769 Animal Reiki Certification Training Level II (included internship)
  • FIT770 Animal Reiki Certification Training Level III (included internship)

Reiki Certificate
Reiki Practitioners use healing energy attunements to treat the body on a mental, physical, and spiritual level. Learn how to set up your own Reiki healing practice. Upon completion of the course, students receive a First Degree Reiki Certificate. Students completing Reiki II will receive a Second Degree Reiki Certificate.

Classes include:
  • FIT805 Kundalini Reiki I
  • FIT706 Usui Reiki I
  • FIT707 Usui Reiki II