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Which language will you choose?

Being bilingual can open opportunities to more jobs and promotions, as well as enrich your life by adding a whole new dimension of cultural understanding.

Our world languages are taught at different levels of mastery, guiding students in speaking, reading, writing and listening to the language along with developing a familiarity with customs, cultures, and traditions of the countries in which the language is spoken.

Languages offered:

Interested in learning a new language?

CCBC Continuing Education offers a multi-series, in-depth program covering 4 aspects of the language: speaking, listening, reading, and writing, with a focus on communication skills. We have a strong emphasis on conversational skills in classroom situations, and use complete immersion or very little use of English to learn the new language.

We use a multi-level format:

Getting Started – Introduction to basic phrases and pronunciation. A short class for those who have no previous experience to get started with the language.

Basic Level – Creates a strong grounding in grammar, pronunciation, and conversational skills. Each level requires two to three semesters of study. Different semesters are distinguished by letter - “A”, “B.” A student wanting to complete the basic level should expect to take at least 8-10 courses (about three to four years) prior to moving to the Intermediate Level.

Intermediate/Advanced – Development of skills leading to fluency. Emphasis is increased on writing and reading comprehension, as well as more subtle and involved aspects of the language. Students remain in the classes for several years, moving up as competency levels are met.

Conversational - Beyond the basic level and any introductory phase, these classes focus on conversational skills geared towards certain professions or every day life situations. Students should be able to use grammar well, verbs in present, past, future and conditional tenses, and have a broad vocabulary in the world language of choice.

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