Important announcement

Continuing Education classes continue to take place both in-person and remotely. If for any reason, the method of instruction for your class changes, the CCBC Call and Information Center will contact you through text, phone or email.

For additional information concerning the status of your class, refund or individual situation, please call 443.840.4700 or email

For more information related to CCBC operations, please go to:

Learn, Laugh, Live!

Kids @ CCBC offers enrichment classes for children and teens ages 7-17 in various subjects ranging from academics, culinary arts, fitness and wellness, performing arts, self-development and visual arts.

Kids @ CCBC has expanded our summer camp programs, Summer Learning Adventures and launched programs for homeschool students and parents called Homeschool Destination @ CCBC.

Homeschool Destination @ CCBC

Today’s homeschool can be an enriching alternative to tradition education. CCBC will help you enhance your child’s education with one of our programs designed specifically for homeschooling.

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Kids@CCBC Summer Classes

Life is on pause but learning fun doesn’t have to be! 

Check out our Spring & Summer 2021 programs: Kids@CCBC Summer ClassesOur most loved classes adjusted for today's needs!

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CCBCKids@Home classes Spring 2021

Year-round Classes

Whether you are looking for an educational class or one purely for fun, CCBC has a wide range of classes for children 5 and up.

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