• Students learning how to be a manual set-up operator

Machine tool skills are in high demand. Start your career now.

Train to work in entry-level skilled machine tool positions such as manual set-up operator, CNC mill set-up operator, maintenance machinist or machining quality inspector.

Positions could be at machine shops, or at equipment and parts manufacturers such as aerospace and automotive facilities. Industries using production machinery such as pharmaceutical and food / beverage require maintenance machining workers. Completers are in a strong position to apply for entry level employment.

Once established, a student may pursue a machinist apprenticeship and/or other advanced training.

Industrial Maintenance and Technician Training

Basic Literacy Courses Include
  • Mathematics for the Trades
  • Technical Blueprints and Schematics
  • Mechanical Blueprint Reading
  • Basic Shop Skills
  • Introduction to Troubleshooting
  • Work Habits / Work Ethics for Industry
  • Mechanical Courses Include
  • Industrial Measurements
  • Pumps, Packing and Mechanical Seals
  • Pipe-fitting 
  • Burning and Welding I and II
  • Basic Rigging
  • Basic Hydraulic / Pneumatic Systems
  • Introduction to Industrial Lubrication
  • Mechanical Drives and Equipment

Electrical and Electronics Courses Include

  • Basic Electricity for Maintenance Technicians 
  • Advanced Electricity
  • AC / DC Circuit Analysis
  • Advanced AC / DC Motor Control 
  • Programmable Logic Controllers and VFDs
  • Principles of Electronics I and II
  • Electronic Assembly / Soldering

Machining: Manual and CNC programs, Courses

Machine Tool Short-Term Training
Continuing Education Certificate

Learn both manual and computer numerical control (CNC) machine tool technology with extensive hands-on and computer-based training at the CCBC Catonsville machine shop in this seven part series. Start with essential workplace literacy skills in computers, plus work habits and work ethics. Foundational topics of safety, blueprint reading, and trade math follow. Includes modules in quality and resume skills. 

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Manufacturing Process and Production

Manufacturing Principles Courses Include
  • Manufacturing and Production Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Lean Enterprise
  • Using Lean to Go Green
  • Workplace Organization and 5S 
  • Cellular/Flow Systems