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Free training, educational support, and employment coaching for young adults

Do you want to jump-start your career with a healthcare or technical certification? Do you need to complete your high school diploma? Are you seeking a credential to launch your career? Do you need support achieving your academic and professional goals?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the LEAP Program is here to help! CCBC’s LEAP Program Case Managers and Job Developers can help you achieve your academic and employment goals while supporting you through life challenges.

Call the LEAP Information Line at 443.840.4292 to begin the enrollment process. This is a free program for those that qualify.

Basic Eligibility

  • Be 18-24 years old at the time of enrollment
  • Be a Baltimore County resident
  • Meet income requirements
  • Be a high school graduate (for training programs only)

Services Provided

  • Free Certificate Training: A list of all approved technical and healthcare programs is below.
  • One on One Case Management: All students work with a Case Manager to set goals, problem solve personal challenges, provide academic resources, and receive ongoing support.
  • Intensive Job Development Services: LEAP's Job Developers assist students create resumes, apply for jobs, prepare for interviews, and successfully transition into long-term employment opportunities.
  • Support Classes: LEAP students participate in support classes to learn academic, computer, financial, employment readiness, and general life skills.
  • Work Experience Learning Opportunity (WELO) Program: Upon completion of training, students can participate in a temporary, part-time paid internship to gain hands-on experience.
  • Support Services: LEAP covers many training and employment expenses including tuition, textbooks, exam fees, tools and other required course materials, interview and work attire, and bus tokens.
  • Mentoring Program: Students who join the mentoring program are paired with a volunteer mentor to provide additional support and participate in monthly group mentoring activities related to civic engagement and personal development.
  • GED Classes: Students who need their high school diploma can enroll in GED classes through CCBC's Center for Adult & Family Literacy (CAFL). The LEAP Program partners with CAFL to assist students along their path to graduation. Once students receive their diploma they are then eligible for a LEAP Program workforce certification training. 

Approved Training Programs

LEAP Student Testimonials

Read what LEAP Students say about their experience in the program!

“LEAP was very effective and efficient in helping me reach my goal of becoming a CNA. The classes were flexible with my schedule and I learned a lot in just a short amount of time. The teachers and staff actually cared about me in the process.” — Nidazsha Walker

"I found out about the LEAP program after a horrible accident at my previous job where I worked as an assistant teacher. The LEAP program not only helped me get back to working, but it gave me a career and a skill that I can use for the rest of my life. My instructors were very patient and understanding when it came to any of my needs, as well as my Case Manager Ms. Kayla. The LEAP employment support team were very helpful too. This is one of the best programs in Baltimore, Maryland when it comes to aiding youth in finding and pursuing careers that they're passionate about. I would have never known how much I loved Pharmacy if it wasn't for this program. I am forever grateful for this program. This was one of the only things that kept my spirits high during the COVID-19 pandemic.” — Simmone Richardson

"LEAP gave me an opportunity that I would have not had. I love the fact that it was free and hands on. I can't wait to begin working as a Dental Assistant.” — Teauna Frazier

"It was really an encouraging environment. Everyone was helpful and they all kept every promise they made along the way. Each person showed concern and strong support. The thing I appreciated most was each instructor, case manager, and job developer put forth a noticeable effort to help me succeed. LEAP had a very helpful job development team who made sure I would be somewhere that was comfortable, beneficial, and more professional than I was expecting. I definitely would recommend this to any young person looking to start a new career in a matter of months. There's nothing to lose as the whole thing was free! There were very few barriers, and if there were any, the whole program tried their best to assist me. They even gave me bus tokens whenever I needed them for transportation to the campus. There is really nothing I regret about this program, and they will provide me with incentives at the end of the year now that I have employment. Overall, I had a great experience and I'm impressed with some of the job environments that they placed me in.” — Noah Dance

"The LEAP staff were very patient with me completing my program. When I first started, I could not balance my new job and my school hours, so I fell behind. That was my biggest barrier. I then became pregnant during the program. I enjoyed the fact that the staff reached out to make sure that I was able to register, attend my classes, and reach my goal to complete the program - my case manager being one of them. She made sure to keep in contact with me whether it was through email or phone. She was very professional but also got to know me and showed that she cared. It motivated me to stay on top of what I had to complete. Now that I have finished the program, it will open doors for me. It will give me the opportunity to work in a Veterinary Hospital with the knowledge I've gained during my classes and clinical experience. I would definitely recommend this program to others who wants to start a career but need a little extra help and resources to do so. This program gave me motivation to go further in my education!” — DJ Ford

"My progress as a phlebotomist has been great! I've been learning the medical lingo and applying the knowledge I learn in class in my everyday life. I attend all classes and make sure I make good grades. Since I've been in the program, I have passed medical terminology and also all my quizzes and exams. I love Mrs. Kayla and I love my teacher Mrs. Rachel. I like the students in my class. I love that the program is free and not too long.” — Darashea Gross

"A month ago, I was terrified to practice drawing blood from my classmates. Now, I find myself eager to learn more, and I'm excited to improve my technique. Rather than having a sense of fear of clinicals and doing work in the phlebotomy field, I feel confident and enthusiastic. As far as my progress as a CCBC LEAP student, I feel as though I am developing into a more professional person in general because of the program. The hands on training has revealed to me how capable I am as a phlebotomist. I appreciate being treated as an individual rather than 'just another student.' I have attended several schools and none have been a greater help to my professional and personal life and interests.” — Alexis Keihl

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