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Get certified as a Certified Logistics Technician or Certified Logistics Associate!

Logistics and distribution are critical to help products and services reach the end consumer.

Learn about scheduling and planning the movement of goods and services. Logistics operations require well-trained workers within facilities and warehouses to ensure that the goods are where they should be and that orders are filled and shipped to match the customers’ orders.

At the management level, up-to-date technology and computer skills help to maximize productivity. We offer computer training courses, such as scheduling software like MS Project, to complement the skills individuals currently in the industry.

Logistics and Distribution Options

Certified Logistics Technician (CL-T) and Certified Logistics Associate (CL-A)

These courses train students to the standards set by the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC) and teach them to be productive, value-added logistics employees. The MSSC credentials are fully transportable.

Other Logistics related courses

Distribution and Logistics Management
Learn to understand how to analyze and improve distribution and logistics management in an organization. Topics to be covered include physical distribution, inventory management, production stores, returned goods, and enterprise resource planning. Find available classes »

Supply Chain Management
Fundamentals Develop the skills and strategies required to succeed in the supply chain management field. Find available classes »

Transportation, Distribution and Maritime Logistics (Credit)

Credit Certificate
The TDML certificate outlines a curriculum of specialized course concentrations in the transportation, distribution, and maritime logistics field. This certificate is designed primarily for students focusing on the core TDML courses such as Global Commercial Transportation, Supply Chain Management, Technology, Domestic Freight Operations, and Maritime Logistics. There are 21 credits required for the certificate program. Learn more »

Warehouse Training

Facility management Professional (FMP®)
Prepare to test and earn the important FMP credential from the Facility Management Association. This credential demonstrates an “excellence” level and understanding of important industry standards.

This 10-hour course covers the basics of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and its workplace standards to ensure safety at all times.
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Warehouse Technician - Individuals with Disabilities, Continuing Education Certificate
Students learn to perform warehouse work and the safety requirements of working in a warehouse. Students will learn the following skills: forklift operation; stock picking; inventory management; shipping and receiving; understanding OSHA regulations; safety practices; and soft skills for employment.
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