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The marine and maritime modes of transportation interface with, and complement, the rail and truck/road modes of commerce. Both sectors move freight and passengers commercially. These important sectors employ stewards, cooks, operators, and mechanics.

We offer marine-based, continuing education programs (see below) and an exciting array of credit courses that lead to Associates Degrees, Credit Certificates, and industry credentials in a variety of marine and maritime programs.

Marine: Maryland Basic Boating Certification

Learn about different types of vessels, navigational aids, marine weather, regulations, emergency situations, personal watercraft, and maneuvering. Maryland requires that all motorboat operators born after July 1, 1972 pass a certified boating course. Meet these certification requirements through our classroom instruction in basic boating.

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Marine: US Coast Guard Captain's Licensing

Prepare for the U.S. Coast Guard Captain's License test (masters level). This comprehensive review covers all aspects of the commercial operation of Coast Guard-inspected passenger carrying vessels. Topics include rules of the road, deck general and safety, chart reading, plotting, T-Boat regulations, watch-keeping, trim and stability, and ship construction.

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Maritime: Marine Engine Maintenance Repair

This course is intended to provide entry-level technicians with a fundamental understanding of the marine industry and marine service careers including outboard systems, their repair, maintenance, applications and usage.

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Maritime: Ordinary Seaman Course (OS)

Gain an introduction to the maritime industry and the duties, requirements and responsibilities of the Ordinary Seaman (OS), which is the junior rank of a ship’s deck crew. This entry-level position comprises the main labor force on board a boat.

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Maritime Programming – Coming Soon!

TWIC Application Preparation - The Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC) enables access to secure transportation facilities (e.g., port facilities). Our half-day course helps you to understand the application process and the necessary documentation.

Terminal Tractor Operator
Roll-on/Roll-off Tractor Operation