Legal Studies Internships

One 3 credit internship is required for all Legal Studies students, whether under the A.A.S. degree program or the certificate program.

Students are advised to plan on completing their internship after they have completed the following Legal Studies courses:
  • College Composition 1 (ENGL 101)*
  • Technology and Information Systems (CSIT 101)*
  • Introduction to Law (LGST 101)*
  • Legal Research & Writing I (LGST 103)
  • Law Office Practice & Legal Ethics (LGST 104)
  • Civil Litigation — Practice and Procedure (LGST 201)
  • Legal Research & Writing II (LGST 230)

Before registering for the internship course, students must meet with the Legal Studies Internship Director to discuss their internship and the course requirements. Courses designated with an asterisk (*) are for A.A.S. degree seeking students only.