Mammography and registry review courses

CCBC Medical Imaging now offers a Course of Study in Mammography in addition to courses in Registry Review for CT and MRI. All didactic courses have been approved by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) for Structured Education Requirements.

Mammography courses

Courses in Mammography are available to registered radiographers wishing to gain certification in Mammography.

RADT 250 Principles of Mammography
  • This 4-credit classroom instruction is delivered completely online during a 15-week semester.
RADT 251 Mammography Clinical Practicum
  • A 3-credit lab/clinical course for students wishing to complete the clinical requirements needed to apply for the ARRT’s post-primary certification exam in Mammography.

All curriculum and clinical requirements are designed for students to achieve not only the structured education and clinical requirements for the ARRT, but also for the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA).

Students who complete both the classroom course and the lab/clinical course are eligible to obtain a Letter of Recognition from CCBC. Also, students may opt to choose to register for the classroom course only, but those wishing to register for the lab/clinical course must also register for the online classroom course. All classroom and lab instructors are certified in Mammography.

To register for these courses, please email for more information.

CT and MRI registry review courses

The Medical Imaging department offers individual courses for studying for the ARRT’s post-primary certification exams in CT and MRI. Both the CT and the MRI Registry Review courses are 4 weeks in length, completely online, and only 1 credit each.

CT registry review course

MRI registry review course

Instructors are certified in CT and MRI and are available for assistance during the courses, which fulfill the ARRT’s 16 hours of Structured Education Requirements to apply for the post-primary certification exams in CT and MRI.

To register for these course, please email for more information.

Want to learn more?

For more information, contact a Health Professions Pathway advisor or contact the Medical Imaging department.