Radiation Therapy Mission

The mission of the Community College of Baltimore County, Essex Campus Radiation Therapy Program, is to prepare qualified students to be competent Radiation Therapists.

Goals & Learning Outcomes

Students will be clinically competent.

Student learning outcomes:
  • Students will demonstrate clinical patient care skills.
  • Students will demonstrate simulation skills.
  • Students will demonstrate radiation treatment procedure skills.
  • Students will demonstrate treatment planning skills.

Students will demonstrate the ability to analyze diverse types of information in order to choose an appropriate course of action as a Radiation Therapist.

Student learning outcomes:
  • Students will use knowledge to compare and critique port films to simulation films and make adjustments accordingly.
  • Students will identify dilemmas in patient setup during simulation.

Students will demonstrate effective communication.

Student learning outcomes:
  • Students will effectively use verbal and written skills to communicate with patients and staff.
  • Students will identify barriers to effective communication and demonstrate effective resolutions.
  • Students will demonstrate effective presentation skills.

Students will demonstrate professional behaviors for the profession.

Student learning outcomes:

  • Students will accept responsibility for their actions and utilize constructive criticism.
  • Students will actively participate in a community service activity.  

The Program will effectively meet the needs of the students and the community.

Student learning outcomes:
  • Cohorts will complete the program.
  • Graduates will be satisfied with the program.
  • Graduates will pass the registry on their first attempt.
  • Graduation will have jobs within one year of graduation. (This is a goal not a guarantee.)
  • Employers will be satisfied with knowledge/skills of new graduates hired.