CCBC resources for ESOL students

CCBC programs and activities related to world cultures

  • International Students Association (at Essex) and International Club (at Catonsville): These are student organizations with social and cross-cultural activities. Most club members are from countries outside the U.S., but all students are welcome.
  • Global Initiatives Student Club (at Catonsville): This is a student club with cross-cultural activities and learning for students who are interested in the world. It is a mix of international and U.S. students.
  • Intercultural Dialogues Program (all campuses): International students can volunteer to share their culture with American students in class and gain valuable practice with public speaking.
  • Global Distinction Program (all campuses): Students can join a special program of classes and activities that focus on world issues.
  • Multicultural Student Association (all campuses): This student group promotes the expression of cultural differences through poetry, art, music, dance, storytelling and debates. 
  • Student Life Office (all campuses): Students can join clubs, take trips, and join activities on and off campus.

CCBC resources for student to enhance English skills

  • Writing Center: Offers free tutoring for students in many CCBC classes, including ESOL.
  • Online Writing Lab (OWL): The OWL, which is part of the Writing Center, is an Online Writing Center that offers students the opportunities to receive feedback on their writing via email.

External resources for ESOL students

201 Grammar

ESOL Resources - All language skill areas

These sites provide access to numerous links for learning and practicing English.

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