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Departmental Exams — Credit by Examination

You may already have the knowledge required for college credit.

At CCBC, we realize that many arrive to us already having gained college level learning in a subject area and mastered the content of certain courses. CCBC Departmental Examinations are the equivalent to passing a cumulative, end-of-the-term examination or a series of comparable exams. Examinations vary depending on the type of course challenged. Passing them can earn you college credit at CCBC

Get started with a Departmental Exam

  • See if a course you are planning to take is listed below in the approved list of Departmental Exams.
  • Review the Common Course Outline of that course, you will have to demonstrate knowledge in at least 70% of the learning objectives.
  • Initiate meeting to secure Departmental Exam candidate approval signature, email priorlearning@ccbcmd.edu.
  • Pay the assessment fees (currently 50% of the current in-county tuition rate).
  • Score at least a 70% on the exam to obtain the credits.

Departmental Exams @ CCBC

Departmental Examinations Credits Awarded
ACCT 101 Principles of Accounting I 3
ACCT 102 Principles of Accounting II 3
AIRC 110 HAVCR Safety, Tools, and Methods 3
AIRC 115 Fundamentals of Refrigeration 3
AIRC 104 Basic HVAC Electricity  4
AIRC 214 Residential Estimates and Sales  3
AIRC 215 Residential Load Calculations & Air Distribution 3
AIRC 230 Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources  3
ASLS 101 American Sign Language I 3
ASLS 102 American Sign Language II 3
ASLS 203 American Sign Language III 3
ASLS 204 American Sign Language IV 3
ASLS 206 American Sign Language V 3
ASLS 213 Fingerspelling and Number Use in ASL
AVMT 141 Private Pilot Ground School
CSIT 130 Comprehensive Word Processing 3
CSIT 132 Comprehensive Spreadsheets 3
CSIT 134 Comprehensive Databases 3
CSIT 136 Using Windows 3
CSIT 154 Database Concepts 4
CSIT 156 Introduction to SQL using Oracle 3
CSIT 210 Introduction to Programming 4
CSIT 211 Advanced Programming 4
CSIT 212 Visual Basic Programming 4
CSIT 214 Introduction to C/C++ Programming 4
EDTR 120 Growth and Development 3
EDTR 121 Curriculum and Materials in Early Childhood Education 3
EDTR 122 Infant and Toddler Child Care 3
HIIT 202 CPT Medical Coding 3
HORT 110 Woody Ornamentals I 3
HORT 210 Woody Ornamentals II 3
MUSC 101 Fundamentals of Music 3
PEAQ 125 Introduction to Swimming 2
PEIA 140 Beginning Tennis 1
PEIA 131 Introduction to Golf 2
PETA 153 Introduction to Volleyball  2
VETT 106 Introduction to Veterinary Technology 2
World Languages (Arabic only) 3

Arabic Departmental Exams are available to students that do NOT meet the Maryland High School Articulation Agreement Requirements. Learn more about Dual Credit.

This information is subject to change.