International Student Transportation

CCBC shuttle

CCBC offers a free shuttle service between campuses during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Local buses

You can reach all CCBC campuses via local bus routes. Local buses service is provided by the Mass Transit Authority (MTA), which operates seven days a week. Students can buy discounted monthly bus passes at the CCBC Bookstore.

Depending upon where you live, you may need to take a connecting bus. Connection times can be long and buses are often late. Please allow for extra travel time to avoid being late to class.

To get maps and schedules of all bus routes, visit Printed copies are available at local public libraries, post offices, and area malls. You may also call the MTA at 410.767.3999 to request information about bus routes or schedules.


There are many taxicab (usually called “cab”) companies in Baltimore County. Taxi service is far more expensive here than it is in many countries. Taxicabs have meters which register the fare a passenger must pay. It is customary to pay an additional 10-15 percent of the fare as a “tip.”