Creating a Transfer Plan

Maybe you already know where you want to transfer, or perhaps you haven't even thought about it.

Either way, it's smart to begin planning for several options that appeal to you. So how do you pick? Here are some things to consider.

Programs of study

Is your intended major offered at the college/university you are considering? Not all colleges offer all majors and some are well known for specific majors.

Location (geographic region/state)

If you are a commuter student, your selection will be narrowed down to the colleges within a reasonable driving distance.

Size (number of students attending)

  • What size school is the best fit for you?
  • What is the student/teacher ratio?

Additional considerations

  • Cost
  • Scholarship opportunities and other Financial Aid
  • Accreditation (ensures that an institution has been evaluated and met certain standards of quality)
  • Housing (many schools do not provide on-campus housing for transfer students)
  • Athletics
  • Clubs/Campus organizations
  • Internship opportunities
  • Graduate programs

How to find out more about four-year schools

Visit the school

  • Virtual Visits: Visit the college/university website to find out more. Current information about application deadlines, tuition and fees, as well as scholarships, may be found on each school's website.
  • College Visits: Colleges frequently sponsor open houses for visitors and potential students. You can visit the school's website to learn details about making a trip to the college campus. Be sure to always schedule your visit instead of just dropping by.

The school comes to CCBC

  • Recruiter Visits: Some colleges and universities make special visits to the CCBC campuses to provide information for interested students.
  • Transfer Fairs: Every Fall and Spring semester, CCBC sponsors a Transfer Fair on each of the main campuses. The Transfer Fair hosts representatives from many Maryland colleges and universities.