What to know before taking a CCBC course test

Appointments are required. There may be up to a one hour to two hour wait during peak periods for students that walk-in for service.  .

The CCBC Testing Center (all campus locations) are closed when the college is closed for . scheduled breaks, inclement weather, or other emergency closings.

Before scheduling an exam:

  • CCBC students must know their CCBC ID number and CCBC course information.
  • CCBC students/testing candidates are responsible for knowing how much time is required for their test/exam/assessment.
  • Exam sessions will be stopped promptly at the testing center’s posted closing time.
  • Students/testing candidates are responsible for knowing what time the testing center closes.
  • CCBC students may schedule no more than three CCBC course exams in one day.  The same exam cannot be scheduled for multiple testing location. Exams for the same course that are scheduled for multiple locations will be canceled.
  • Students/testing candidates arriving more than 15 minutes late for an appointment may cause the appointment to be voided/canceled. If this occurs, the student/testing candidate will be offered the opportunity to reschedule the appointment or possibly sign in as a walk-in tester.

CCBC students taking placement tests/tools or CCBC course exams will need:

  • Your CCBC student ID number.
  • The name of your instructor if taking a CCBC course exam.
  • The name of the CCBC course for which you are taking a test.
  • An original, valid photo identification that is not expired and was issued in the United States. The photo ID must include the your printed name, a recognizable photograph and a signature. Receipts or interim documents from Motor Vehicle Administration are not permitted.

Acceptable forms of photo identification

The list of photo id requirements noted below are acceptable for CCBC course exams and many other proctored testing services offered at CCBC Testing Center locations: 
  • Driver’s license or permit
  • Motor Vehicle issued state ID card
  • High school or middle school ID*
  • College or university student ID
  • Passport or passport card
  • Tribal ID card
  • Naturalization card or certificate of citizenship
*Must have a picture with date and not older than 4 years.

Note: Specific test vendors such as Pearson Vue (including GED), Accuplacer, ATI/TEAS, Meazure Learning, may have additional photo id requirements.  Contact the test vendor sites for specific information.   For the Accuplacer assessment, specific ID requirements are noted below this initial list.

Acceptable forms of photo identification specific to Accuplacer

Students/testing candidates in need of completing Accuplacer must present one of the following photo id types to complete an Accuplacer assessment:
  •  A current driver's license
  •  A state approved ID
  •  A college ID
  •  A current state or federal ID card
  •  A current military ID
  •  A current passport
  •  A tribal ID card
  •  A naturalization card or certificate of citizenship
Photocopies are NOT acceptable.

Students/testing candidates that do not have the photo ID types listed above may use the official CollegeBoard Accuplacer Student ID form that needs to be signed and sealed by a school official or notary.  See directions on the form.

CCBC students/testing candidates are not permitted to use any unauthorized Electronic devices such as, cell phones, phablets, tablets, cell phone watches, laptops, earbuds, or any other unauthorized devices. These items must be powered down prior to entering the testing room and remain off during the duration of test.

Only students/testing candidates actively taking a test are permitted in the Testing Center. Other people (age 16 and older) accompanying the test taker may wait outside the Testing Center. Children may not be left unattended. View CCBC's policy regarding children of students on campus.

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