Proctoring services for online students

Students enrolled in online courses may have their course exams administered or prospective students may request to have their placement tests proctored by an approved virtual proctor/vendor or by a live proctor at an approved facility.

Students enrolled in CCBC online courses
It is the student's responsibility to initiate this process and to locate a proctor that meets CCBC's requirements. The student is also responsible for any fee that may be charged by the proctoring institution. Review the CCBC Online Course Proctor Guidelines carefully to ensure that you are able to satisfy requirements for proctored testing. 

  • CCBC students enrolled in online courses in need of testing outside of CCBC's Testing Center locations completes the Proctor Request Form.
  • The Director of Testing and Assessment Centers or Testing Center designee communicates with requested proctor.
  • Proctor electronically signs the Proctor Agreement Form and emails it to the Director/designee.
  • The Director/designee notifies instructor, proctor and student of approved status.Online instructor completes Proctor Testing Information Form for each exam.

Prospective CCBC students in need of placement testing
As a prospective CCBC student, you may request to have your placement tests proctored outside of CCBC's main Testing Center locations. Review the Placement Test Remote Proctor Guidelines.

*Proctor guidelines, request form and certification form modified for CCBC use with permission from BrighamYoung University and Rio Salado Community College.